Stop 1, Madrid

My first stop was Madrid via Qatar Airways (Kuwait- Doha – Madrid). The timings of the flight is very convenient for me personally, hence, if the option suits my travel plans, I would always go for it.

This time in Madrid I stayed at a friend’s house. Typically and when asked about hotels, I’d refer to my blog post about Madrid Hotels  as these are the ones I personally like. Having said that, you should always plan your hotel stays based on your trip plans. For instance, if your plan is to see the ‘hip’ part of Spain, then I would recommend a hotel like Hotel Oscar, in Chueca. If your trip is targeted towards shopping, I’d advise a hotel in Goya. The stay, for me at least, revolves around the plan.

Driving in Madrid

In Madrid itself, you do not need to drive. The metro and bus systems are very easy to use and much simpler than driving around.

Having said that, we’ve rented a car from the airport for the full period of our road trip starting from Madrid, and ending in Barcelona.

We’ve arranged our car rental through an app that makes a comparison between the car rental companies, which makes the process so much easier. (App name: Car Rentals). We ended up with an Audi from Avis.