Feed Me Paris!



  • Cafe Kitsune (in Palais Royale): A super small place, but the coffee tastes EXCELLENT, seating is outdoors.
  • Merci (111 boulevard beaumarchais): Merci is a coffee shop, restaurant, clothing store, bookstore hybrid, and it’s basically filled with good-looking people and good looking French dogs.
  • Folks & Sparrows (14 rue Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris): Cute Little Cafe
  • Cafe Loustic (Le Marais Area): good coffee, not much to eat
  • L’improbable (Le Marais Area): Absolutely loved this place! so out of the box and great seating area!
  • Boot Cafe (Le Marasi)
  • Chez Ralph’s at Ralph Lauren- For coffee & the apple pie is great
  • Four Seasons Hotel Tea Lounge
  • Cafe De Flore (St Germain)
  • Le Café Marly (Right next to the Louvre)
  • Rose Bakery

Breakfast & Brunch:

  • Benedict (in Le Marais): Loved the place, tried the egg with avocado benedict, truffle fries and it was happiness!
  • Ob-La-Di (Le Marais): breakfast brunch cute hole in the wall, trendy
  • Clint Cafe (174 rue de la Roquette, 75011)
  • Lockwood (73 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002): small parisian cafe
  • Eggs & Co (in St Germain): a whole in the wall
  • Holybelly: I really liked this place for breakfast – Rated as a top place for breakfast in Paris. Known for their pancakes, eggs etc.
  • Marcel: really good! Order the eggs Benedict, toffee butter French toast
  • Hotel Plaza Athenee: One of the best breakfasts I’ve tried hands down. Expensive, luxurious and delicious
  • Restaurant Buvette Paris
  • Cafe Marlette


Restaurants, Upscale, And Book-in-advance:

  • Hotel Costes (Nice to lunch, I walked in and found a table twice) – love the area, love the garden, excellent service
  • La Maison De La Truffle (Great for dinner) best food with truffle, order the Buratta, steak with truffles, all pastas are good.
  • Kong (Very nice for dinner) Asian fusion, , make sure you ask for table next to window.
  • L’avenue (Nice for lunch) they’re a bit arrogant and rude, just be patient and be in a good mood lol.
  • Le Cinq (in George V hotel) 2 michelin stars. Very dressy, good food.
  • La Societe (Nice for dinner) Trendy, modern international.
  • La Maison Blanche (Nice for dinner) Classic french, , ask for outside table, with view of Eiffel Tower.
  • Toakan – Good Chinese, Modern.
  • Blueberry – Sushi place, cozy, good quality sushi.
  • Cafe De L’esplanade – Modern french, order the buratta, sole, steak, and CHEESECAKE-sooo good.
  • Universe of Falafel – Said to be the best falafel sandwich in Paris, quick lunch on the go.
  • L’As – Also good Falafel and good Shawarma in Le Marais.
  • Monsieur Bleu –  Trendy, French, European, Vegetarian Friendly.
  • Ferdi – Really good burgers, Must reserve via whatsapp in advance.
  • Coffee parisien – They say it is the best hamburger and milkshake in Paris.
  • George – On top of Centre George Pompidou, international, trendy restaurant.
  • L’atelier – the it place to go, food is good, but they have an attitude – Located in Hôtel Pont Royal
  • Cafe Constant – French European
  • Patisserie Gérard Mulot – Bakery
  • Derrière – Very trendy modern European, nice atmosphere. Must have the salted caramel eclair
  • Le Grand Venise – Italian, European
  • La Plage – Ask to sit by the windows when you reserve, very nice seating, in the 15th district
  • Le Hibou – in Saint Germain, French & European
  • Pizza Chic – Pizza!
  • Miss Ko – Sushi

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This list is compromised of my recommendations as well as a #hello965friend recommendations.. Thanks Fawaz for the list you shared!

Fawaz have lived in Paris for a couple of years and provided me with this list when I asked #hello965friends are the best!

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