I hate Gordon Ramsay

I hate Gordon Ramsay

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Okay maybe hate is the wrong word to say here, I don’t hate anyone honestly. But IF I do, then Gordon Ramsay must be on top of my hate list! I tried his restaurant for the third time recently, and I can’t express enough how much I hate it. Rest assured that I was forced into it after the first try, people always tend to try it at least once. Such an overpriced place with really below average food, not even their deserts are good. And they charge you for WiFi…dot dot dot.

So I looked around to see what’s up with his success in his business and his show. It turns out that 60% of the restaurants that appeared on Kitchen Nightmares have been sold or shutdown, wow!? Let me get this straight, the show makes it look like they actually helped the restaurants in every episode and made them successful. Is this all a lie? Yes it is…(Not very surprised, this is a TV show after all)

Check out the below infograph for more details for every season in the show. And read the quotes by the restaurants owners, it’s very sad actually. If you are a restaurant owner and your business is struggling, do not let Gordon Ramsay use you! -_-



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