Burger House – Dubai
During my visit to Dubai, My dear friend S and the girls suggested lunch @ the Burger House. “I will not allow you to leave Dubai without trying this place”, S Said. Ofcourse, I would never say no to a burger place.
OK, so maybe i’m guilty of eating unreal food “occasionally”. But that itself is just keeping it real, yo.
We sat outside, the weather was awesome.

Remember my recent obsession with Guacamole? Yeah so as soon as I glanced “Guacamole” in the Menu, I knew the burger I wanted to order. (Caliente Tex-Mex Burger)
I didn’t take a picture of everything, but here is some of what the girls ordered..
After the weather changed to being very windy and tissues started to fly around, we decided to continue eating indoors.
And Finally, ladies and gents, my great juicy burger arrives…
Conclusion: MUST-TRY/Extreme Yummyness!
P.s. NQ, ur obsession must be shared. Haha 😉
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  1. NQ
    NQ says:

    haha thanx for sharing my crazy obsession! and yeah to those who havent tried burger house yet its a MUST! and i highly recommend the TEX-MEX burger!!!

  2. F. J. Bliss
    F. J. Bliss says:

    Anon: Yes, Good indeed!

    FD: EE ashakra lazim!

    NQ: Hahahaha you're too cute ;* I miss you, and thank you for your comment 🙂

    Bodie: totally worth it!!!! (Kharaboo) 😛

    TheQueen: sa7, i forgot to mention the portions they were huge! Thank you for your comment:)


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