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As you might have noticed, we’ve been busy with the blog lately. Both on the front-end and behind the scenes. The blog should be loading faster now, on both desktop and on your mobile devices.

Anyway,  in case you missed Our 5 Pre-Travel Tips, be sure to check it out. In this post, we will talk more about how to prepare your travel itinerary and how to decide on where to travel and what to do when you travel.

To start off, ask yourself this question, why do you want to travel? The answer to this question may not be as simple or as straight forward as you might think. Not to over-complicate things, but this question will decide on where you will go, how much you would want to spend on your vacation, and what kind of activities you will do. So spend as much time deciding on the answer.

It could be one, or a combination of the following

  • I want to spend some time away from the routine life
  • I want to relax, switch off and go somewhere far
  • I want to experience new things that I always wanted to do
  • I want to spend my hard-earned cash on things that aren’t available locally
  • I want to escape the hot weather and ‘ghbar’!


Answering the question will decide on the style of your vacation. For me, I have a busy life style here in Kuwait. Things vary between my day job, my  small business and initiatives, my studies, the gym and social life responsibilities. I tend to want to travel every 3 months or so. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation, a short weekend getaway will do. But every now and then I want to have what we all call a Real Vacation. Usually it’s a combination of the following:

  • I want to experience new things
  • I want to relax, switch off and go somewhere far

I don’t mind allocating a big budget to do the above. The places that I usually go to are pretty far and I always do multi-destination trips, going through multiple countries. I’m very active when I travel and end up covering tons of activities in a single day, spending no more than 4 nights in a single city or country. So, I end up burning a huge chunk of my travel budget on hotels and air plane tickets.

So how do I choose my destinations?

  1. By checking  this blog , following us on Instagram and Snapchat (@Hello965) and sending us your questions. because ‘Hello 965’ team are awesome travel consultants!
  2. Word of mouth – by having a big international circle of friends that tells you about destinations worth checking. This is my personal favorite, but it can only be effective when you have a huge circle of friends from various nationalities.
  3. online sites – such as tripadvisor, travelocity. They can be useful and give you an idea of a place, but do NOT depend on them.
  4. Apps – Instagram/twitter/Google plus pages on traveling, Yelp and Foursquare.

How do I look for travel tickets and prices?

  1. Expedia
  2. Google travel
  3. Direct deals announced from airlines or any 3rd party agency

You may not find the best prices at Expedia, so be sure to check the airline websites for a better prices. Tried Skiplagged couple of times and get got me the best prices that i couldn’t match anywhere else, however it does not always work.

How do I book my hotels?


Always think strategically when you book a hotel. Look at the hotel location on Google Maps and make sure it’s not too far from the places that you will spend most of your time at. AirBnB is a new concept of booking a place (House, apartment etc..). I highly recommend that you check them out, as my experience using it has always been great.

Hope this helps with your travel plans and as always, feel free to ask us for consultations!

Happy traveling!

Porto, Portugal Travel Guide

How to get to Porto (Also called Oporto)?
Airport Name: Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport is located on the north outskirts of Porto

via Plane

  • Via Lufthansa+ TAP with one stop in Germany – Frankfurt (Be careful while planning with TAP, I heard there are many cancelled flights so try to get an early flight in case its cancelled you could get on the next one) There are also many low cost flights such as: Luxair, Ryanair, Air Berlin, Air Transat and Aigle Azu
  • Other than Germany as a stop/connection:  Lisbon, Brussels, Toronto, Montreal, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Bordeaux and London

Via car

  • Arrive in Lisbon & drive to Porto: the city enjoys excellent road connections with the entire Portugal. Thus, for instance, A 1 links Porto to Lisbon, A 4 provides the connection to Tras-os-Montes, whereas A 3 reaches all the way to Minho. Braga, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo are also connected by motorways to Porto, so, depending on the chosen destination, tourists must opt for either A 29 or A 28 in order to get to where they want to reach. Either by bus or by car (private vehicle or rented car), Porto can be reached from virtually all corners of the country.
Lunch in Porto
– Reitoria ( Steakhouse, Bistro, Wine Bar)
– LSD (Coffee & tea, Snacks, Restaurants)
– Rota do Cha (Cafe)
– Taberna das Galerias (Portuguese)
– Casa de Pasto da Palmeira (Portuguese)
– Bar Tolo (Portuguese)
– Portarossa (Pizzeria)
– Gull (Sushi)


Things to do.
Fundação (foundation) Serralves – awesome palace with amazing gardens and and enormous collection of art
– Must see Ponte de Dom Luís I
– If the weather is good go Praia (means beach) da Maceda
– Checkout Praça da Ribeira (Square/Plaza)
– Surf lessons/Surfing
– Hop on Hop off Bus to see Porto
– There are also guided tours to see the city at night
– Nightlife: Rua (Street) das Galerias
– Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Museum)
Happy travels!!!
Always remember, you could contact us to plan your trip for you, or give you travel consultation either via contact us form on our website or
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Istanbul, Turkey First Timers


  • Turkish Airways if my preferred travel airline to Istanbul
  •  Other direct flight option from Kuwait is: Jazeera Airways
  •  From Dubai: A direct flight is on Pegasus Airlines + FlyDubai




Le Méridien Istanbul Hotel Etiler

– Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At The Bosphorus

– Hotel Les Ottomans

– Park Hyatt Istanbul – Macka Palas

– W Istanbul

– Istanbul Edition

– Raffles Istanbul

– Hotel Morione



-Turkish Cuisine-


Meze by Lemon Tree 

360 Istanbul


Safi Meyhane

Yeni Lokanta

– Italian Cuisine –





– X Restaurant & Bar  (located on the top floor of the historical Deniz Palace in Şişhane)



– Develi Baklava 

– Divan Patisserie, Taksim

– Ab’bas Waffle, Bebek

IMG_0249_2 IMG_0229



If it is your first time in Istanbul, you have to do this:

  • See Ayasofya
  • TOPKAPI Palace
  • See Blue Mosque
  •  See Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Bosphorus Boat Tour
  • SWIM AT SUADA (00 90 212 236 7300). Float between Europe and Asia at Suada, a swimming pool surrounded by bars and restaurants carved into a little island in the middle of the Bosphorus. The boat leaves from Kuruçesme Park.
  • Taksim Square
  • Grand Bazaar
  • If you have time, Egyptian Bazaar
  • Check out the Spice Market.
  • Hammam: BATHTIME (Open daily for men from 8am to 10pm and for women from 8am to 8.30pm)
  • Check out the Roman and Ottoman empire at the Basilica Cistern.


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“Istanbul: A city where every photograph narrates a thousand stories”


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