Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a Municipality located in Baja California Sur, in Mexico. Los Cabos, is divided to two parts: Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo.

Month Visited: September/October

Period stayed: 3 nights/ 4 days

Airport:  SJD

Los Cabos

Hotel Stayed at: The Cape – San Lucas (RECOMMENDED!)


Flora's Kitchen

Flora’s Kitchen

  • Flora’s Field Kitchen (Organic, delicious, happiness!)
  • Lolita Cafe (Breakfast)
  • La Forchetta (Italian)
  • Las Cazuelas del Don
  • Nick-San (Japanese)
  • El Farallon


Things to do:

  • Desertica Cabo Multi Adventure Park
  • ATV ride over the longest hanging pedestrian wooden bridge in the world

Los Cabos

  • Frank Arnold Gallery (Gallery in San Jose) – You can choose to visit when the Art Walk is happening (every Thursday evening). This involves walking from gallery to gallery in the Art district.
  • Sailing trip (morning trip with paddle surf and/or snorkeling) or a sunset romantic sail boat trip

Los Cabos

  • See the Golden Arch ‘El Arco’ Cabos
  • Playa Santa Maria
  • Nikki Beach


  • Although everywhere in Los Cabos from my visit was priced in US Dollars – do take with you Mexican Pesos as this is Mexico’s currency.
  • Rent a car Vs. Taxis: I preferred renting a car since I stayed in San Lucas, and wanted to go to places in San Jose as well.

Los Cabos

  • Book your activities in advance, so you can schedule your times.
  • Check the distances on Google Maps between each place to plan your routes and distances accurately.
  • If you’re going for the sun and water – please make sure you protect your skin and take some medicine just in case of an upset stomach due to food reactions.


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Hotels in Santorini



How do you choose your stay in Santorini?

  • Caldera Vs. Beach?

– If you choose Caldera which is where the towns along the cliff with the stunning views looking down into the caldera then: The west side of the island that looks out into the caldera and that is also where Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani are located.

Fira – The Most restaurants, nightlife. Great views.
Firostefani – Quiet. An easy walk to Fira. Great views.
Imerovigli – Very quiet. A bus or taxi ride from Fira and Oia. The best views on the island. A half-dozen wonderful restaurants.
Oia – Many restaurants, but little nightlife. Romantic. Great views.

– If you prefer the beach, then the towns on the opposite side of the island have pretty setting but lacks views of the caldera and volcano; the east side of the island is where the beaches are found. There are 2 main towns: Kamari and Perissa (Perivolos beach is an extension of Perissa)

Generally, it’s about a 10 or 15 minute drive from one side of the island to the other.

Here are some of our Favorite Hotels in Santorini:



Katikies Hotel

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Canaves Oia Suites


West East Suites

Astra Suites

San Antonio Suites

Grace Santorini

Absolute Bliss

Santorini Princess

Kapari Natural Resort

Dreams Luxury Suites


Aria Suites

Anteliz Suites

Petit Palace Suites Hotel


The Belvedere

The Tsitouras Collection Hotel



Thermes Luxury Villas


Bellonias Villas

Bellonias Villas