São Paulo Restaurants

I’ve received a couple of inquiries about restaurants in São Paulo. My visit to Sao Paulo was short, but I did my research and have asked some friends whom their taste I trust about restaurant recommendations (THANK YOU, you know who you are! xx).. So here’s the list with no specific order:




I will be sure to update this list as soon as I have, hear or read about more.

In the meantime, enjoy!!!


IL PESCATORE Restaurant in Sardinia, Italy

One of the best sea food restaurants I tried!! <3

It’s located on a waterfront terrace facing a delightful panoramic view on Porto Cervo village and marina with its yachts docked for the night, the restaurant’s name speaks for its menu: “Pescatore” in Italian means fisherman and the restaurant is specialized in seafood and fish dishes; just to name a few delicacies and let your mouth water, this is a taste of what you may find in the menu: “Fresh prawns, green apples and grapefruit salad”, “tagliolini with prawns and almond pesto”, “fish filet with flavored mashed potatoes” and “ricotta cheese pie with pineapple and ginger sauce”

If you’re in Italy and going to Porto Cervo, Sardinia.. then don’t forget to check it out!! 🙂