From now on lawyers will design cellphones, not engineers



After a surprisingly short time in deliberations, the jury in the Apple v. Samsung case reached a verdict today. The nine jurors decided unanimously that Samsung had infringed on Apple’s intellectual property, and while Cupertino won’t be getting the more than $2.5 billion it asked for, it will be getting at least $1,049,343,540.

This is a big win for Apple and a huge message that is being sent to the Android echo system in general. But the battle between Samsung and Apple is far from over, an appeal will surely take place. Things could get better or worse for Samsung.




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    Khaled September 03, 2012

    Interesting article.. What’s your take on android? Some actually say that what happened is a big win for android over apple because of the opposition movement that’s rising against apple. It Definately left a sour after taste to many android users around the world :)

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      rotsu September 04, 2012

      I’m a Mac user and and Android phone user( I have the HTC one X and i love it) There is no doubt that early Samsung phones look a lot like iPhones, both in hardware and software. Following this trial and seeing the evidence of how Samsung willfully copied Apple’s designs was not a surprise for me at all. It’s very obvious that some of Samsungs phones mimics iOS devices lol. It’s very embarrassing to Samsung having those eternal documents of their plan to mimic iphone shown to public. It will affect Samsung’s image of being a copycat.

      This patents war is getting ridiculous to be honest. It’s an old and lame war that won’t stop. Everyone wants to protect his innovations and designs. Patents are there to encourage everyone to innovate, and not copy others ideas, but some patents are ridiculous.

      I don’t think this will have a negative effect on Apple at all. Once they announce the new iphone you will see people buying it regardless lol. But I do worry about other smaller companies like HTC and the Android ecosystem generally. This is all business, dirty business. Apple is as evil as Microsoft and Google :E

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