Hoş geldiniz!

I recently went to Istanbul, this is not a review about the trip. However, for what its worth, I do recommend a trip to Istanbul. Its great, clean, beautiful and I LOVED it. The only thing that I hated was the FREEZING/rainy weather. Yes, i prefer a hot & sunny one.

During my stay there, I noticed that in every corner of every street, there are small shop-like stands of “Kastan“! MY FAVORITE! I heart Kastan, specially when its really hot, in a very coooold weather. <3

Kastan was literally one of the reasons I survived such cold weather 😛
ibthimatkum mayshawig? If your answer was no then you’re wrong. cuz it was GOOOOD.
Anyhow, I also noticed they’re famous with “Apple tea“. I’ve never tried Apple Tea before! Unfortunately, i didn’t take any picture of the mentioned tea. It was excellent nonetheless.
Not forgetting ofcourse, Turkish Coffee, is original. I don’t crave for turkish coffee alot in Kuwait, but since the day I arrived in Istanbul, and the least I drink was twice a day.
This picture was taken in a cafe called “House Cafe”. Apparently, its like Starbucks but for Turkey. Its everywhere in there..

Now now, the best part 😛 Lol seriously this is just toooooo cute. haha ;p and it reminded me of ANSAM!! knowing how much she’d appreciate something as cute and yummy 😛
We went for dinner in this classy restaurant, we placed our order and waited for food. The waiter came with this for starters..

I stared at it for about 3 minutes.. mit7asfa akilha. There were only 2 pieces since we were 2 people.
If you’re wondering what that is, its goat cheese, with walnut in top of it.
If you’re planning to go to Istanbul anytime soon, please feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to give suggestions on the places to go to.
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  1. Ansam
    Ansam says:

    hehehe thanks 😉 Oh and my dad came from Turkey a couple of weeks ago and got us apple tea and pomegranate tea. I posted the pictures few days ago on my facebook 😉 I would add a cinnamon stick to it though

  2. F. J. Bliss
    F. J. Bliss says:

    You're welcome dear.

    Walla latheeth apple tea! oh fee pomegranate tea as well? thank you for telling me, i'll be looking for that before i get back home! You want some?

    I'll be checking out those posts soon 😉

  3. F. J. Bliss
    F. J. Bliss says:

    Ansam Just got back, I miss you too ;* and btw i got both teas you mentioned 😉

    RX Allah i3aaaafeeek oo Allah isalmik 😉

    Bodie yes yes very awesome! and going in summer is a GOOD idea! winter wasn't bad as well! jawhum EMTHALLEJ well if you like cold weather and i don't but i enjoyed nonetheless ;p


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