Seville (AKA Sevilla), Spain

As I promised before in my South of Spain Itinerary post, this post will be about Seville pronounced in Spanish (sevi”y”a). One of the most beautiful cities i’ve seen in the South.


A lot of people gave me good feedback on my Cape Town post, so i’ll follow more or less the same layout? Please ask if you have any questions, more than happy to help through sharing my experience 🙂

1. Sleep.

SO, when it comes to Sevilla, following recommendations are work for a group of friends, family or a couple. For those who know & like my taste, you will love the hotels. For those who don’t know my taste, please do do your own due diligence on the hotels and how they’re designed etc.

  • EME Hotel. A nice hotel recommended by locals, and in front of the cathedral. (*****)
  • Hotel Casas de la Judería. In the historic city center. Lots of patios and nice views. (hearts)
  • Hostal Callejon del Agua. A very small hotel but convenient and cute.
  • YH Giralda. Near the EME hotel, very good  location. (****)

PS. Honeymooners, what I read is good/romantic for a honey moon in Sevilla are those hotels:

  • Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla
  • Hotel Palacio De Villapanes – AlmaSevilla

2. Walk around & Discover.

During the day, go and walk around Plaza Nueva, Plaza de San Francisco and Plaza del Salvador. These are the main three squares and each is next to the other. There, you can find many tapas bars, and terraces if the weather is good. Also, go walk around Barrio de Santa Cruz which is the old city centre. This area is probably a bit touristic (as most city centers) but is worth visiting.
In the afternoon/evening you could go to to the Arenal area. In this area you can see the bullfighting ring (called “Maestranza”) which has an interesting museum about bullfighting history in Sevilla. Around the Maestranza there are many bars and restaurants. A restaurant I tried and recommend BIG TIME is called “Bulla” located in calle Dos de Mayo.

3. Touristy stuff.

Must seesAlcazar, Catedral and Archivo de Indias.Ofcourse, there is always the Hop-On Hop-Off bus/tour where you could by a ticket and use it to go around the city. I believe the ticket is valid for two days or such and you could easily get the ticket from either your hotel or the station of the bus.

Try to also see;

-Barrio Santa Cruz

– Plaza de España


– Maria Luisa’s Park (there are old bulding from the Universal Exposure in 1929)

– Puente de Triana (Bridge) & walk around Triana

There are a few nice terraces and cafes to enjoy the view in the Plaza de America. If you’re into Flamence; Flamenco was born in Sevilla. You could arrange to learn & take Flamenco lessons.  Otherwise, you could arrange with your concierge to book a Flamenco show with a dinner if you prefer. If you’ve never seen a flamenco show in your life, I highly recommend its fun and loud!!

4. Food.

For restaurants, what I did was rely almost 100% on trip advisor. As we walked, we had internet access on our phones, and Trip Advisor installed. We’d just search for places near by and walk in. We were never disappointed!

Other than the delicious “Bulla” that I mentioned earlier, the one other restaurant that I still remember my friends and myself liked is called Carmela .. Spanish cuisine, amazing tapas. (in Calle Santa Maria La Blanca)

– Checkout EME Catedral Hotel Rooftop Terrace for sunsets.



– Check out Red House Art & Food: known as a creative art space, this cafe and performance venue is unique in Seville.


5. Ronda

An option is to do a day trip to Ronda. You rent a car and drive there. Ronda is absolutely BREATH-TAKING. It was one of my favorites parts about Andalucia. If you don’t feel comfortable driving, there is an option where it could be arranged via a day tour that includes watching a bull-fight. For more information on this feel free to ask me and i shall provide you with the details.

6. Final words.

Get lost, walk around, explore Sevilla at your own pace 😉 Spain is generally safe and people stay up late so enjoy!!




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