5 Workouts I Can Do in My Hotel Room

I often get asked how to stay fit while traveling.. Let’s not kid ourselves, ITS NOT EASY!

But, dear travelers, with strong will everything is possible. When I feel the need to workout and don’t have a space nor the time to work out, I do it in my room. Here are some work outs that you could do in your room and won’t take much of your time!


Leg Raises




Also, sometimes I go on Pinterest.com to check if there’s anything fast I could do other than the above. This is one example of a workout I could do while in my hotel room, found on Pinterest!

An app ive been using is called Aaptiv (needs to be bought), which provides me with workouts to follow during my trips. One more App is Body Weight which gives you a training program that is based only on your body weight and you don’t need any other equipments.

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