Before You Die, This Should Be On Your List:

Before you die, you should:


  1. Set foot on all continents.
  2. Live in at least two countries with completely different cultures.
  3. Swim with Sharks.
  4. Learn at least one foreign language.
  5. Bungee Jump.
  6. Learn how to surf.
  7. Go on an African Safari.
  8. Get your body on its ultimate shape at least once.
  9. Have your own business.
  10. Own A pet
  11. Dive into the waters from a cliff.
  12. Go Camping.
  13. Sing to an audience. (Karaoke counts)
  14. White water rapids.
  15. Paint and frame your painting.
  16. Drive across an entire country.
  17. Travel in First Class Suite at least once.
  18. Climb a mountain.
  19. Ride an elephant.
  20. Party until sunrise.
  21. Travel around the world.
  22. Dance at the carnival in Rio.
  23. Go on a cruise.
  24. Ride a horse in the ocean.
  25. Take a bath in a hot spring.
  26. Fly a kite.
  27. Go Skiing.
  28. Backpack through another country.
  29. Go to the Opera.
  30. Run a Marathon.
  31. Run a Triathlon.
  32. Hot Air Ballooning.
  33. Sleep under the stars.
  34. Go to the Olympics.
  35. Trek to Machu Pichu.
  36. Ride Gondola in Venice.
  37. Spend a night in a tree house.
  38. Go Lavender Picking
  39. Stay in an overwater bungalow.
  40. Attend a music festival.
  41. Swing on the Edge of the World in Ecuador.
  42. Go to a Masquerade Ball.
  43. Bathe in Milk and roses.
  44. Live happily ever after.
  45. Experience Zero Gravity.
  46. Stand on a Boulder Wedged Between Mountains.
  47. Go to a Cenote in Mexico.
  48. Participate in a FlashMob.
  49. Build an Igloo.
  50. Go Flyboarding.




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