By Hello965 Friends:

A friend asked me if I have a list for Puerto Rico so I’ve asked a Puerto Rican friend to share his recommendations on things to do there.. Here it is:

1.Visit Vieques island, an island municipality 8 miles off the coast. This place is filled with virgen beaches with easy access, top of the line restaurants, boutique hotels (there´s a W hotel) and the bioluminescent bay i told you about (should be visited when there is no moon because it shines much brighter). You should spend atleast 2 nights here

2. Tour of Old San Juan. One of the oldest cities in America with two historic forts, lots of galleries, museum, shopping, restaurants (including Chocobar). Think of Old Havana, smaller, but more picturesque and better maintained. One of the points of the Bermuda Triangle is precisely infront of the San Felipe Fort

3. Kayaking the Parguera mangroves: Imagine waist deep crystal clear water among bushes that grow on the water on a natural reserve. You can rent houses that stand on the water

4. Visit Culebra Island: Another island like Vieques and very near to it as well. It is much smaller and less developed. It´s more for locals because a lot of the better beaches are only accessible by boat but they are probably the best in all of Puerto Rico. Flamenco beach is here which is accessible by car and is always among the top beaches in the world

5. Stay in Rincón: Surfers paradise on the northwest point of the island. Lazy town famous for surfers where you can take classes for surfing

6.  Stay at one of the 6 star hotels (yes 6 as opposed to 5): These are the St. Regis at Bahia Beach and The Ritz Reserve in Dorado. Its the ultimate in luxury and relaxation with some of the best golf and private extensive beaches. It is also super expensive but if you have the cash it truly is a real treat. I personally like Ritz Reserve at Dorado more because the beach is nicer but at the St. Regis you have the rain forest right behind you

7. Tour of El Yunque: The rainforest, also happens to be the one with the highest elevation in the world. It is very pretty but can get crowded with tourist so try to go on a weekday and see if you can find a specialized private tour that can give you access to more secluded trails

8. Tour of Camuy Caves: One of the largest underwater rivers are here and some of the most breathtaking caves in the world

9. Eco Adventures in Utuado: Maybe the best preserved part of the island. Like the rainforest without the crowds. Also happens to be one of the finest coffee growing regions in the world. There are a multitude of different tours you can do from ziplining to tube tours on the river

10. Visit the traditional food shacks in Cayey in the center of the island. The main attraction is the roasted pork which i know you´re not fond of but when in Rome do as the Romans!

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to my friend Ignacio Cortes for this amazing list! Hope to see you soon, Nacho!