Thank you for your interest in consulting with me! In the consultation service, I could offer you the following via my Hello Explorer travel consulting company:

  • Finding your next trip! For one hour, we could chat about where you’ve been to, and what would be an ideal vacation for you. We can choose up to 3 destinations for your next travel plan!
  • You know where you’d like to go but need assistance in planning! Please specify the number of days, how many persons you are and the type of hotel stars you’re interested to stay in as well as the activities and we’ll take it from there!
  • You have everything sorted but need advise on the transportation and how to get to specific places? Yup, we can help you find that as well.
  • Clothings tips and what to wear? Possible! I can be on a WhatsApp 1 hour session with you to chit-chat about your travel outfit for specific destinations (-27 perhaps?)

If you’re interested to consult, please click on this link to fill out the form, and we’ll take it from here!