Graubünden Route, Switzerland!

Invited by the Tourism Board of Graubunden, I’ve had the chance to explore the region for the first time back in 2021 and the second time in 2022!

For the first and second time, I’ve arrived to Switzerland particularly to Zurich Airport where we met our awesome driver/guide who was with us in the entire trip and for 10 days the first visit and who always welcomed us again in 2022. (Happy to have started working with this guide where I can now plan trips through my travel consultancy and have him/his team cater to all my clientele! He’s awesome!)

I’ll take you first through my first visit in 2021; from Zurich, we drove immediately to the first stop in the region; Lenzerheide! When you look up the area, google tells you: “set in an Alpine valley, the charming resort town of Lenzerheide is a base for skiing in the Arosa Lenzerheide region, with over 200km of slopes. Hiking trails lead to nearby attractions like the lofty Sanaspans Waterfall and the ruins of medieval Belfort Castle, and the area is also a mountain-biking hub.” – The drive from Zurich to Lenzerheide was around 2 hours.

It was my first time seeing Zürich. Ive landed here before but I never got to explore the area and I did for the day this time. Zurich, is a plan where Id like to stay in a night or two next time. It has over 1,700 restaurants and bars, plenty of shopping options and awesome hotels!


From here we’ve moved to another area which I liked More; Flims! The hotel in Flims was very interesting and trendy! They have a CINEMA in the hotel. Super cool! Hotel name: The Hide Hotel Flims

A must see near the area and the hotel: Lag La Cauma; lake Caumasee! Super beautiful! We went mountain biking in this lake and it was fantastic!

The Hide Hotel Flims

Caumasee Lag la Cauma

My next stay during my first Switzerland visit was by far my favorite. I would visit this hotel over and over again in summer and in winter; its beautiful! 7132 Hotel in Vals, Switzerland ♡

At the hotel, rooms are fitted with a desk, a balcony with a mountain view which is breath-taking! The wellness area at 7132 Hotel is comprised of a hot spring bath and a hammam. Phone we’re strictly prohibited in the spa for the privacy and the comfort of the guests so it was extremely tricky to take pictures and the day I was allowed to take pictures (before-opening hours) the weather was not the best for picture-taking. I respect privacy policy Ofcourse although some places are worth a million pictures ♡

I’ve also tried their massage and really liked it. Book your massage session in advance.

The hotel has 2 sections, where I stayed is the 5 star 7132 and another 4 star hotel ‘House of Architects’ which is stunning as well. The four-star 7132 House of Architects is connected to the 7132 Hotel via glassed-in passageways on two levels. 

My last stop in my first visit was to Davos (which I returned to again during my second visit in 2022). A memorable thing I’ve done in Davos is Paragliding! It was awesome and a bit scary of a hike for me carrying the parachute and hiking in narrow mountain trail. It was a little uncomfortable but the joy was massive. If you’ve never tried paragliding and feel like some getting in some adrenaline rush, I highly recommend it.

On my second visit, the trip was more catered towards wellness and relaxation where I got to visit for the first time Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and spent four nights there. I must say, I loved everything about the stay for wellness purposes in particular. I found what they wrote on their website describing the property is very accurate and on point. Here it is; The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is centered around a bathing and spa tradition spanning hundreds of years. This has evolved into a unique combination of our own thermal spring, holistic medical expertise and everything a five-star luxury resort has to offer. Here you will find the space to breathe. An alpine setting, specially created for healing, preventive medicine and self-discovery. 

The spa hotel situated just an hour’s drive from Zurich Airport!

There are 7 restaurants with a combined total of 76 GaultMillau points and 5 Michelin star, as well as a sushi takeaway, a bistro and a café, providing exquisite culinary delights. In addition, the resort also boasts 2 golf courses, a meetings and events centre, the public Tamina Therme thermal spa and its own casino. Super cool!

My next stop was Davos for the second time. Davos is super cute and suitable for 2 nights stay. The hotel I stayed at had the most beautiful balcony with the loveliest views. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos of what I was seeing. The best morning views ♡

In Davos, it was mostly raining so we didn’t do much! They had 1 theatre/cinema and TopGun was playing, so we went for the movie! Town is super cute as well, we walked around the town.

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