São Paulo Restaurants

I’ve received a couple of inquiries about restaurants in São Paulo. My visit to Sao Paulo was short, but I did my research and have asked some friends whom their taste I trust about restaurant recommendations (THANK YOU, you know who you are! xx).. So here’s the list with no specific order:




I will be sure to update this list as soon as I have, hear or read about more.

In the meantime, enjoy!!!


South America Trip? This is How You Start.


Many of our readers are interested in seeing or visiting South America but don’t know how to start. This is how we recommend you to start:


  1. Open South America map. Identify the countries you would like to see.
  2. Research those countries, or send us an email to give you an idea about them.
  3. After choosing your destinations start mapping your route; where are you arriving, and where are you departing.
  4. Once choosing your arrival and departure points, research how to travel between those destinations.
  5. Decide the length of your stay, the time you would like to spend in each country and the activities you would like to do.
  6. Research your costs (Travel, accommodation, activities) and set your budget.
  7. Do your bookings.