Kayak Adventure in Oman

After my previous adventure trip with @Husaak and his team, I decided to experience another adventure with them. This time, I decided to go on a Kayak Adventure!!!!

Oman Kayaking Hello965

Now, this adventure kind of started early this time.. from the AIRPORT. Lately, I’ve been cautious with taking personal documents with me when flying – so I either take my passport or my ID, I never carry both. Finally, when I reached to immigration, only to realize I had no identification on me. No Civil ID and no passport. The rest was history.

On the bright side, I some how made it to my flight “5 minutes before departure.. literally!” I buckled up, and the flight took off!!!

Off to oMan

Thank you again and again to all who helped me make it to that flight.

Flight: Oman Air (Direct) – Two flights per day from Kuwait to Muscat

Another option: (1 stop): Flydubai

I will keep this post short and sweet, here we go…

Off to oMan

leaving to the pick-up point


The trip started from a pick-up by the organizing guide/team from a pre-set pick-up point and drive for an hour and 30 minutes or so to the destination where we picked-up our Kayaks.

Trip Guide: Wenayan Al Wenayan

Off to oMan

when it all started..

We took off and started Kayaking until we reached our camp base. I will let the photos tell you about the two nights we spent there..

This trip had tents for you to sleep in during the night (Unlike my last trip to the waterfall hike). A funny incident happened one of the two nights when the wind was too strong, and the tent fell on us! Haha, it was funny we ended up sleeping outdoors – the best decision. I recommend you to always choose to sleep outdoors if you get the option its just beautiful.

Off to oMan

This trip was especially great because of the company; so much laughter.

We kayaked our way back to put back the kayaks in the storages, and drive back to Muscat.

Finally, the Kayak trip ended with a light meal near Souq Mutrah in Muscat.

Off to oMan

….. my trip didn’t end. I booked a massage at the Chedi for some me time haha. Yes, now it ended:)

A special thank you for Ali Husain for starting all of this.

Photo credits: Wenayan W.

Photo credits: Wenayan W.



Safari? Kruger National Park in South Africa

Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It covers an area of 19,633 square kilometres in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in northeastern South Africa. It is also known to be the most exciting African safari destination!!

Yup, been there, done that!!!! It is as fun as they say it is.


How does it work?

First of all, look online for the best package for you. Depending on how many you are, whether a big group of a small group, you could always find the best package that matches what you’re looking for. If you seek adventure and at your own personal risk, you could always rent a car, camp yourself there and get lost in the jungle. I don’t think its too dangerous ’cause I’ve seen a lot of people who had done it.

In our case, we were 12 people, looked for Safari that had guides who guided us throughout our whole stay. Now, if you’re looking to do it yourself I do not have enough information on the matter. However, this is what we did..

Step 1. Booked round trip to and back from Johannesburg.

Step 2. Searched private vacation packages. The package we found included:

A) Pickup at Johannesburg airport, 5 hours drive to the park

B)  Transportation back to Johannesburg Airport.

C) Food and all meals were included.

D) Safari rides which they call “Gaming” with guides.

E) Accommodation


Step 3. Packed, don’t forget your anti-insects spray especially if you’re allergic to insects. Take your camera everything is worth taking a picture of, and finally they advised to take light colored clothing not to attract insects (“Dark colours do attract the biters.”) and also to avoid attracting them, do not wear any perfume.

Step 4. ENJOY.

IMG_1697 DSC_0201



PS. Never tease or corner wild animals, this may cause an unpredictable response and a potentially dangerous reaction. We’ve been followed by an elephant.. and by followed i mean it started running after us. True story :p 

.. Feel free to ask should you have any questions or looking for further details xx

Running with the Bulls – Pamplona Spain

Running with the bulls festival takes place in Pamplona, Spain. It is a process which involves running in front of a small group of bulls that have been let loose.. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Imagine this thing running behind you? MAMA. Festival takes place every year from July 6th till July 14th.

Fun.. ;p