وين نسافر في راس السنة؟

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A question commonly asked – where to go for winter???? Here are some recommendations from us, three full time travelers!

شكر خاص لاصدقائي وزملائي يوسف السديس وسالم الهاجري !
حساباتهم في الانستجرام:


Winters for New Years:
وجهات بارده لراس السنه

– Dolomites in Italy (Ski) – Check Cortina
– Baqueira Beret, Spain (Ski)

Bonus ideas:

– Almost all Europe
– Megeve in France
– Switzerland
– Turkey
– Georgia
– Canada

Summer destinations for New Year:
وجها صيفيه لراس السنه

– South Africa
– Australia

Bonus destinations:
– New Zealand
– Latin America
– Florida/USA
– Asia
– Philippines
– Mauritius
– Maldives

Take away from this video:
نصايح مهمه من هذا الفيديو

– Book your new year plans early to take advantage of the best offers
– Avoid super crowded destinations and if you want to go, make sure you have your plans set and ready

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