Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Finland

To start off this post, I must say that this hotel has the credits of why I am in Finland. Every time a picture pops up on my Instagram explore page, I wonder when will I visit this Arctic Treehouse Hotel?

The time came, and February was the time I booked to stay at this hotel, and to visit Finland for the first time. Actually, this is my first Nordic country! Happiness!


How to Get Here:

We’ve boarded our flight from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (1 hour 30 minutes more or less) and arrived to Rovaniemi Airport. The hotel, is literally 5 minutes away from the airport by car.

note: we’ve organized with the hotel a car for a pickup, it cost around 40 Euros per way. (very expensive for a 5 minutes ride, I recommend a taxi instead)


First Impression of Hotel:

B E U T I F U L .

We walked into the coziest lobby that you could see in a location filled with SNOW all around. loved the modern design, the fireplace in the middle and the smiles of the staff all over the place.

The lobby area had the dining area where everyone would have their breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar as well is there, which is itself the check-in counter.

The check-in time was at 4 PM. We arrived very early and we had a lot of time to kill until our room was ready, thankfully, we had booked ahead of time and prior to our trip all our activities that we wanted to do with Safartica, which is an activities and tours operator recommended by the hotel.

Hence, we left the hotel on our first activity in Lapland, by the time we were back our suite was ready.

Our Suite:

Don’t be fooled by the word suite; it is tiny. we picked a suite thinking it has a little bit more space since we were two travelers with 2 big bags and 2 carry-ons (long trip.. don’t judge haha) but not really .. It was still very small. My favorite part of the room is the idea of it obviously, and the view. It is a fantastic view. Other suites have the bed infront of the window immediately which is cool as well. As for our suite, it had the chairs near the window. Cozy like no other, which I personally loved.

The room also had an extra small bed (attic bed), as well as a kitchenette.  The one thing I did not like in the suite is the size of the toilet. Very very small. The water comes out as I shower so the bathroom gets all watery, it was a bit annoying but livable for 3 nights.

The kitchenette was there, with a coffee machine, tea bags, microwave, fridge and other basic utinsils. Some other things were missing and we had to request them such as forks and plate-towels.

About room service. There is 24 hours room service HOWEVER, anything you order in room would cost you an extra 15 Euros for the service. So if you order in room breakfast, lunch or dinner add to that 15 Euros.

Our first night we had dinner at the hotel, a 2 plates meal where we had Reindeer and Chicken, with drinks costed us around 75 Euros. We felt it was a bit too much to pay, so the kitchenette came in handy. We went to town, bought ourselves food for the next 2 nights so we made our own lunches and dinners in room. We saved a lot of money as everything we bought (which was more than what we needed to be honest) cost around 80 Euros.

Tip: make sure you check for things you might need upon checkin to request them immediately, and ask for tissues are the room had no tissues except for the ones inside the bathroom.


If you decide to come winter time, which is when I visited, make sure you’re dressed VERY WELL. layers, gloves, warmers, hats; it is FREEZING. It reached to negative 24 during our visit.



Drones are allowed in here. The airport is very close, so they advise that you don’t fly it too high, but I was able to capture the most beautiful shots and videos.


Final Words:

If you do visit based on my experience, please make sure you share with me some of your photos as Id be very please to know that I helped with my review! Share the love, share this post, and don’t forget to tag me!!! <3

Here’s a link to the hotel in booking.com!

Much love, and keep on traveling!!!



  1. Amazing .. I will visit finland after two weeks 😍.. very soon enshalla
    I have some questions,

    1) So dear what about the warm water? Is it true that there is only warm water only for 10 minutes?

    2) I’v Read that there is no privacy, the window is see through and there is no curtain what can we do about that? Since I’m covered 😆?

    Will you visit this hotel again? Or do you think there are better hotels?

    Thanks for sharing your experience

    1. Thank you for your comment! You’ll love it!

      1) Umm I didn’t have problems with warm water there.. I don’t remember the 10 minutes fact nope..

      2) You can see from my photos that there are curtains, so when they’re closed its private

      I would visit it why not, its very cute! But since I already visited it, I would always rather experience new places.. But generally, its a cute hotel for 2-3 nights stay.

  2. Hi Fatima,

    This place looks amazing!! A couple of questions though:

    1) Where you able to see the aurora from the room?

    2) I’m considering going there for 3 nights for my honeymoon, but we’re concerned it’d be a bit boring? What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Faisal,

      1) when I went, I didn’t see the Aurora, but the room has huge windows so yes you should be able to see the aurora if its time for aurora and the hotel usually gives you an aurora forecast.

      2) 2-3 nights in this hotel is definitely good enough. There are plenty of winter activities in Rovaniemi! Happy honeymooning! 🙂

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