Coffee Hopping Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I can’t get over how amazing the cafes are in Ho Chi Minh!!

Here’s a list of some of the cafes I liked, and some recommended ones that I wanted to try:

  • L’Uisine (loved this place!) – It has three locations
  • Loft Cafe
  • The Workshop Specialty Coffee
  • M2C Cafe
  • Cong

  • Yoko Cafe (looks good!)
  • Saigon Coffee Roastery

Those are the ones I found online during my research and looking up speciality coffee and some that i’ve actually tried, BUT, during my walks in the city there were SOOOO MANY so you’ll probably get to spot many cafes on your way.. If you know any special one that you’d like to add to this list, please comment below and let us know ♡

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