Dubrovnik, Croatia 2016

My second visit to Dubrovnik, 4 years later.. STILL LOVE IT!

Traveled to Zagreb and out from Dubrovnik via:

  • Qatar Airways طيران القطريه الى زغراب
  • Turkish Airlines التركيه الى زغراب

Our last stop was Dubrovnik, which we reached via car. بما انه تنقلنا من منطقه الى الاخرى، وصلنا الى زغراب وباقي التنقلات معظمها كان بالسياره

Hotel Stayed At: Dubrovnik: Villa Argentina Hotel

As some of you know, this trip was different! I went back to Dubrovnik with a group of 10 people with me, and it was a blast!!

رحلتي الى كرواتيا هالمره كانت مع مجموعه وتجربتنا كانت جميله .. من محطاتنا اللي زرناها كانت كرواتيا، وكانت محطتنا الاخيره

Activities I’ve done on this trip:

  • Game of Thrones Tour (AH-MAZING!), it was found via TripAdvisor
  • Exploring Dubrovnik by Kayak (A three-hour Kayak tour)
  • Day trip to Kotory Bay/Montenegro
  • Dubrovnik Cable Car a short ride up to the top of the Hill for the most breathtaking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik. At the top there is a restaurant where you can have a meal, drink, or snack, along with a souvenir shop. The Dubrovnik Cable Car is located a just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town and runs frequently between 9:00am and 8pm in May. The cost per adult roundtrip is 100 kunas (about $18) and you can even buy tickets in advance online.

Finally, I was recommended Zlatarna Krizek for shopping. Haven’t been though, but look it up.

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