Flying in 2020 with Qatar Airways!

Traveling generally in 2020 has been challenging for all industries and especially airlines. Major changes had to be implemented in order for them to ensure the safety and health of passengers, the employees and the aircrafts! 

I’ve finally boarded my Qatar Airways flight this year 10 months later (don’t remember the last time I stayed this long away from QA), and have chosen to go on a birthday trip in November to the Maldives! 

Pre-departure: PCR Test & Health Declaration for the Maldives plus a reservation in an approved hotel (there’s a list of all approved hotels on Qatar Airways website)

The Flight

I’ve flown with Qatar Airways many times before obviously and love everything about them which is the reason why I kept on traveling with them. I started looking for flights that have Qsuites like Boeing 777-300ER and the Airbus 350 to ensure I’m either using my miles to upgrade or buying a business class ticket (depends on the trip!)

For this trip, Maldives 2020, I went on two flights, the first one is from Kuwait to Doha, and the second one was from Doha to Maldives (with a 4 hour-ish transit in Hamad Int’ Airport). 

(a little secret: I like long transits to finish my work on my laptop since there’s free and fast WiFi!). Unlike other airports, you can spend a nice time during your long layover where you could use the swimming pool, the spa, nail services, hotel room, shopping, restaurants, and cool cafes.


Doha-Maldives (Q-suite)

Having a ‘suite’ to yourself with a door that closes feels just amazing and so private. Usually on longer flights, I try to take advantage of everything that’s offered on board cause everything is just awesome. I schedule my time where I watch a movie from the Oryx entertainment system, have a meal or even a snack, and get some sleep. In this flight I was extremely exhausted I loved the fact that there’s a “do not disturb button” which I pressed as soon as the seat belt sign was off, and just went to sleep until it was landing!!!! lol. One thing to add is the spacious toilettes onboard of the business class compartment and not to mention the service, it is top notch and so personalised.

WiFi on board

One of the very helpful features on QAs is having WiFi on board! This saved me so many times on so many trips! I often need to respond to urgent WhatsApp msgs and on long flights; this is a life saver!!!

I love flying business class on Qsuites on Qatar Airways!!!

 Oneworld Alliance

I am a One World Alliance member, so I love to stick and to fly with them. My membership with one world started with Qatar Airways that gives me a privilege to redeem my miles and get plenty of upgrades easily. I also get many other benefits such as extra weight allowance due to my membership with one world! (I was platinum a few months ago, but thanks to Corona…downgraded to gold!) still awesome benefits nonetheless.

Oh and btw, if you don’t use the app, make sure you download and use it! It is useful, easy and it keeps you on track with your miles, your flight details, the opening of the check-in counter, the luggage information and tag # as well as your flight details ♡

A memorable flying experience indeed!

Over and out,


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