Glimpse of Andorra

I recorded a longer video where I answered most of the asked questions regarding Andorra, but for some reason the footage wasn’t usable. That said, here are my answers to some of your questions:

1- Visa: You can only access Andorra from Spain or France, so whatever visa you’ll need (I would think Schengen?), then that’s the only visa you need. For Andorra itself, you don’t need a special visa.

2- Car rental: It was an easy process to rent a car and drop it in Andorra, or to drop it in Spain. I don’t recommend a specific company, but the main ones I would say Avis and Hertz? Either would be good.

3- Hotels: It depends on where you decide to stay. In town, 2/3 nights in a 5 star hotel would be nice. In the mountain for skiing, then a ski resort in the mountain (Ski-in ski-out is the best solution).

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