Hello Easter Island! جزيره القيامه

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is an isolated volcanic island located in the heart of the South Pacific, halfway between Tahiti and South America. Its first inhabitants were Polynesians who settled the island in about 700 AD, and whose belief systems led to the carving of the stone statues for which Easter Island is now so famous.

Easter Island enjoys a sub-tropical climate, and is therefore a year-round destination. Temperatures in summer (Dec – Mar) rarely exceed 30°C. Also, this island can rain throughout the year, although the wetter season tends to be from May until September.

Yes, Easter Island is part of Chile hence its a Chilean Island. If you need a visa for Chile, then you’ll need a visa for Easter Island. Visa details for GCC Nationals below.


Embassy is in Abudhabi
1- Apply online, 2- get approval, 3- fly to Abdudhabi to stamp passport.

LOCAL CURRENCY: Chilean peso (CH$) & US
Dollar. There is a Santander Bank in the island (in town) and an exchange service near LATAM Airlines office.

Direct flights from:

• 2 cities fly directly to Easter Island: (LATAM Airlines)
– Santiago, Chile (8 flights a week)
– Pape’ete, French Polynesia (once a week)
(Flights are more or less around 5 hours)

Things to do:

• Mountain biking
• Hike – (Orongo Hike)
• Rent an ATV to explore the island
• Walk through the town on one day
• Rent a car to see the northern beaches
(Anakena and Ovahe)
• The one-day, classic Easter Island tour,
covering the entire coastal road of the
island, and taking in some of its most
majestic sites.
• Island Interior and the Birdman Cult (6
hours tour) – Sites visited: Ahu Vinapu, Ahu
Akivi, Puna Pau (topknot quarry), Island
Lookout, Rano Kau, Orongo & Ana Kai
Tangata cave.
• Sunrise Tour: Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki
which is a 30 mins drive from Hanga Roa to
the east coast.

Also, we’ve walked to an amazing restaurant called Te Moai Sunset Restaurant; super recommended, book first!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The entrance fee to the Rapa Nui National Park is U$80 for all non-Chileans (IN CASH). There is a National Park booth before the Arrivals hall of the airport where you must buy your ticket.

HEADS UP: In Easter Island, people weren’t as friendly as others I met in Chile. They are a bit more aggressive. (DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY). I’ve encountered a few people with a bit of an aggressive attitude and it kinda weirded me out but I also understood how it is absolutely not because of me, it’s just how they are. The place is still absolutely not to miss and a must visit!

I spent a total of 3 nights in Easter Island which I found enough for it. Its magical and beautiful, but all its highlight could definitely be seen in three nights.

Gracias Easter Island!!!


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