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KANAZAWA by @Almallaks


Why we chose this city: Simple city, but cool things to see: one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, an authentic samurai house/museum and a modern art museum. Oh yeah, and a ninja temple. So you can guess what we did there.


Duration: We only stayed one night, which was enough. But, we made sure to leave Kyoto early to make use of our first day in Kanazawa and took the last train the next day to Matsumoto.


Where we stayed: We stayed at the Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyu. It is a good hotel and the location was perfect. Walking distance to almost all our attractions. But, you will need to take the bus from the train station to the hotel. Just ask the information desk at the station and you’ll be good to go. Note: all directions below are made based on this hotel.

  • Things to do/see in Kanazawa:
    • One of the most beautiful gardens in Japan: Kenrokuen Garden


    • While walking from the hotel to the garden, you will pass the modern art museum on your right hand side. It will be hard to miss. Stunning building.20140329_113719


    • The samurai district is on the opposite side of the hotel. Ask for directions. But, it is a pleasant walk and the tour of the house does not take long. Very interesting to see.20140329_121350
    • What’s even better than the samurai house, is the ninja temple called Ninjadera. This needs to be booked in advance so make sure to ask your hotel to arrange it for you!
  • Shopping in Kanazawa:
    • We weren’t there long so we didn’t get around to shopping. BUT, there is a HUGE department store literally across the street from the hotel should you feel the need to spend some Yen.
  • Food in Kanazawa:
    • On your way to the garden, on your right hand side, you will pass by a small shop. They sell Melon bread with ice cream. MAKE SURE YOU TRY THIS. And don’t worry, you can’t miss it, the heavenly smell will get you.
    • If you take a left after you exit the hotel and then a right, you will be in a small street. On your right hand side, there will be a small restaurant called The Cottage. It’s a husband and wife run place. You will love it. And the menu consists of whatever Tony feels like making that day. If you go, please tell Tony and Momo that Saad and Noor from Kuwait say hi! And make sure to try Tony’s tiramisu if it’s available… to die for!
      The Cottage
      The Cottage

[JR Train: (Kanazawa to Matsumoto) – 5h 15m – 1 transfer]


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