Hotels in Madrid [Updated Aug, 2023]

[Updated in August, 2023]

Recently, I’ve seen a big change in the hotels game in Madrid. Loving them so much!!

Basically it depends how long you’ll be in Madrid, and the reason you’re going and based on that think about your hotel choice. How I see it, filter A would be if you are going with a family, or with friends, or solo. Filter B would be if you are looking for somewhere in the center (bearing in mind the crazy traffic, walking is excellent here especially if its your first time in Madrid), and finally if you want to stay away from the center, but in high end areas. There are also more options of course, but those two filters would make the choice easier.

 Great for Solos, Families, or Groups of Friends: 

Small group of Friends, Solo Options: (reason I say small groups of friends is mainly because the rooms are not big probably even better for single use rather than having more than one person in the room)

Other recommendations:

  • Edition Hotel Madrid (in Sol, the center, which I don’t like but its good for those looking to be in the center)
  • ME Madrid
  • Hotel Villa Magna
  • Urban Hotel Madrid
  • Wellington Hotel
  • URSO Hotel & Spa
  • Only You

If you’re looking to stay in an apartment, I recommend the website: http://www.spain-select.com/en_US , or airbnb.com

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