Hotels in Santorini


How do you choose your stay in Santorini?

  • Caldera Vs. Beach?

– If you choose Caldera which is where the towns along the cliff with the stunning views looking down into the caldera then: The west side of the island that looks out into the caldera and that is also where Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani are located.

Fira – The Most restaurants, nightlife. Great views.
Firostefani – Quiet. An easy walk to Fira. Great views.
Imerovigli – Very quiet. A bus or taxi ride from Fira and Oia. The best views on the island. A half-dozen wonderful restaurants.
Oia – Many restaurants, but little nightlife. Romantic. Great views.

– If you prefer the beach, then the towns on the opposite side of the island have pretty setting but lacks views of the caldera and volcano; the east side of the island is where the beaches are found. There are 2 main towns: Kamari and Perissa (Perivolos beach is an extension of Perissa)

Generally, it’s about a 10 or 15 minute drive from one side of the island to the other.

Here are some of our Favorite Hotels in Santorini:



Katikies Hotel

Andronis Luxury Suites


Canaves Oia Suites


West East Suites

Astra Suites

San Antonio Suites

Grace Santorini

Absolute Bliss

Santorini Princess

Kapari Natural Resort

Dreams Luxury Suites


Aria Suites

Anteliz Suites

Petit Palace Suites Hotel


The Belvedere

The Tsitouras Collection Hotel



Thermes Luxury Villas


Bellonias Villas

Bellonias Villas




  1. Thank you for your effort .. Just asking, Is it a good choice for honeymoon in August ?

  2. hello ,
    how can we get there ?
    and is there any city we can also go when we’re going to Santorini island ?

    thank you

  3. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the view.
    Quick question: Which of these hotels would you consider to be the most private in terms of swimming for a hijabi? Wouldn’t wanna go to Santorini in an Islamic swimsuit :p I can tell from the pictures that although the pools are considered “private”, they don’t provide much privacy for women wearing hijab.

    1. Hello Rawan,

      Thank you for your question, what I would recommend you to do is have a look at their photos of private pools, or even better, email the hotel and inquire about full privacy. Because and from what i’ve seen, fully private differs based on their views on fully private..

      As for me personally, I never checked which of them is fully private to be honest. Once you know, also please share with us and let us all know for future reference 🙂


        1. Hi Rawan,

          I’m having the same concern about fully private pools, and I’m wondering if you found anything yet! I would love to hear about it! 🙂

          Thanks in advance.

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