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  • Cyprus is an island country located in the south of Greece and west of Lebanon and Syria. It is divided into two parts, Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus.
  • Official Language: Greek in Greek Cyprus and Turkish in the Turkish part.
  • Currency: Euro
  • Drives on the left and I do recommend driving there because of the distance and time it takes to commute from one city to another.
  • Best time to visit Cyprus is between April and October but try to avoid going there in July and August if you want to do some sightseeing and not just lying on the beach.
  • Emirates Airline goes once a day in a direct flight from Dubai to Larnaka, a city in Cyprus, flight takes is around 4 hours.

Which Island should I travel to:

My advice is to stay either in Larnaka or Paphos.

Larnaca because it’s where the international airport is and it is a touristic city that has beaches and landmarks. Also it’s in the middle of the country so you can drive to the other cities (Ayia Napa on the east, Nicosia on the north and Limassol and Paphos on the west)

Paphos I found it the most beautiful city in Cyprus. It has lots of beach and water activities, so many good restaurants and full of life. There is an airport in Paphos but not so many flights land there so be aware that it takes 1.5 hours from Paphos to Larnaka international airport.

All the cities have 5 star hotels but if you wish to tour the whole island you should take the location of the hotel into consideration.

Major Cities in Cyprus:

Nicosia: The capital and the largest city on the island of Cyprus. It is the only capital in the world that is divided into two and considered to


be the capital for the two disputable parts. When in Nicosia you must visit the no-man land between the Greek and the Turkish parts. Its 100% safe. You can also enjoy walking around the Venetian walls and in Ledras Street where the restaurants and cafes are.


Larnaka: In this city you can enjoy a full day walking beside the beach, shopping in Zenon Kitieos Street, exploring Saint Lazarus Church,
Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque and walking around the salt lake.

Ayia Napa: It is the most famous city in Cyprus because of night life and bachelorette parties. It’s like Las Vegas but in the Mediterranean Sea. Personally I didn’t like it much and found it more suitable for teenagers. The blue lagoon, Waterpark and Nissi beach are the most popular destinations in Ayia Napa. 

Limassol: Have a small marina and some historic sites such as Kourion and Omodos Village. Just 20 minutes driving outside Limassol there is a stunning bay called Episkopi bay where you will find the Aphrodite Rock. A very beautiful place for swimming, relaxing and enjoying the sea view.

Northern Cyprus: I didn’t have the chance to visit Northern Cyprus (the Turkish part) due to the time bound but I heard that it is very beautiful even more than the Greek part. It is very safe to go and drive in the Turkish part, you only need to carry your passport with you. Lots of safari activities take place in the Northern part due to the beautiful nature there.

Food and Restaurants:

You can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean food. Always tasty and delicious no matter what restaurant you enter. Cyprus is full of Mediterranean and international food, it’s all around. I had tried Souxou Mouxou Mantalakia Restaurant in Nicosia, so yummy! Highly recommended especially the caviar roll and the steak. The Chloe’s Chinese Restaurant in Paphos is a good choice if you would like to change from the Mediterranean food.

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