Koh Samui Island – جزيرة كوه ساموي


A funny story how I ended up going to Koh Samui, my friend and I were sitting planning Eid trip. Eid, as we know it, is a nice public holiday where everyone plan to travel and enjoy their time off. Anyway, long story short I was going through my instagram account where I saw a BEAUTIFUL picture via one of the great vacation destinations instagram accounts.. and I read the caption:”Koh Samui”. Neither my friend nor I knew where or what Koh Samui is. We googled the images, got really excited and decided thats our trip right now. The funny part is that we had NEVER heard of the place before, and the minute we booked we realized that EVERYONE knew of Koh Samui and some were actually going! *_*

For many of you who know Koh Samui, its known to be a honeymooners destination. YES IT IS. Magical, Romantic & Beautiful. However, who says it can’t be fun? so we aimed for RELAX, and HAVE FUN. We did.

Tickets and Accomodation?

  • Travel:

The ideal route to Samui from my research results was to Bangkok International Airport (BANGKOK SUVARNABH), and internal flight needs to be booked from Bangkok to Samui Airport (USM KOH SAMUI). the cutest airport on earth.

Airlines that could take you there from Kuwait that is: Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Emirates, and Etihad Airways. Those were the options I looked at.

  • Sleep:

There are MANY beautiful beeeaauuutiful hotels and resorts in Samui. For options, check www.booking.com!

The two hotels that I was in between and recommend are; Banyan Tree resort & The W Retreat. We ended up choosing the Banyan Tree and never regretted our choice. We were S.P.O.I.L.E.D. in the best possible way. It was a true VACATION <3




The Banyan Tree gave us a magical villa, on an amazing sea-view.


Risk of getting Bored?




Ofcourse, we were concerned we’d get bored. Thats was NOT an issue at all. During your stay there, plan your activities ahead of time. Ask your concierge or villa host to provide you with a list of things you could do. For us, we love adventure. We did;

– Kayaking

– Island Hopping

– Rope Sliding

– ATV ride

– Elephant Trecking

– Muay Thai (Thai Boxing!)

– Waterfalls

And many more activities available! Otherwise, you always have the option of getting a lovely tan, breathe the nice air, swim and GET A MASSAGE. So one of the things we did every single day is to get foot massage. HEAVEN!



 Coconut Icecream. Oh yes.


A Burger on the pool.


Newly weds photoshoot.


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