Long Flights On Flight Tips

Long flights used to kill me. I used to get off feeling tired, drained and completely out of energy. Through out my trips, I learned some tricks that made the general experience much better.


  • Window Seat VS. Isle Seat 
It’s very simple, really. If you’re the sleeper type (Like me!) then a window seat is definitely for you. If you can’t sleep much on a plane, and you’re a frequent visitor to the toilet, then an isle seat is for sure yours.


  • Stretching 
Stretch in your seat regularly


  • If you’re two travelers, book window and Isle seat. Most of the time if the flight isn’t full, the middle seat will be empty.
I’m occasionally lucky haha, but I try.


  • Freshen-up after a nap/sleep
Get your own kit to freshen up after your sleep. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face & put some face moisturizer then go back to your seat. (If you like.. Hah!)


  • Drink less coffee, more water
Coffee dehydrates your body. Try to limit your coffee intake during a flight and increase your water intake instead.


  • Keep on moisturizing
Keep on moisturizing on flight. Lip palm, hand cream, face cream, etc. regularly


  • I never depend on flight movies (Although the newest movies are always there). However, I always get with me either my Laptop, or my iPad to watch shows/movies on it. Usually, the first few hours of flying I watch a movie, and eat then sleep. OR, Eat, sleep then watch a movie. Either way, a movie is in the equation. 


  • If you can’t normally sleep on a flight, try a sleeping pill or herbal aid. 
  • Use your own headphones and Noise Cancelling Devices.

  • Stay away from the last row of the plane if you can avoid it. The seats may not recline, and they may be right next to the lavatories.
  • If you can survive without an extra legroom: Avoid the exit row seats or bulkhead. They do provide extra legroom but often these seats can’t be reclined and some don’t have adjustable armrests.
  • Finally, I always get bored during take off and landing since most flights don’t allow electronic use (not even on flight mode), so I suggest you take a book or a magazine to kill that specific time.


Cheers & Safe Travels,

Hello965 Team  

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