Long Layover in Tahiti, Papeete

On the way to Bora Bora, the landing main airport is Papeete in Tahiti.

Well, when I realized I will be with no internet on my phone I didn’t prefer to go around the island cause I couldn’t rent a car without a working GPS/Map for a place I visit the first time and unfamiliar with, so I went for the other available option which is to book a hotel room for the long layover. The second matter that was on mind is luggage. We land really late at night, and its not worth spending alot of money just on a less than 24 hours night. While researching I found a great option, which is a motel/hotel, only 5 minutes away from the airport with an ok rating! Tahiti Airport Motel.

On the way back from Bora Bora, I also had a long layover in Tahiti but not too long to stay in a hotel. I went to the information desk, and got a list of airport hotels/resorts nearby where I could go, use the facility/enjoy the restaurant store my luggage, eat, use the internet and go back to catch my flight.

I ended up going with my friends to InterContinental Resort Tahiti, chilled there, had dinner and enjoyed my time until I went back to the hotel.

I recommend you do the same, or if you have a longer transit booking a room is a great idea.

Safe travels!


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