Maldives, Seychelles or Mauritius? المالديف سيشيل او موريشوس

Maldives Vs Mauritius Vs Seychelles

Which destination to visit? What is the difference between the three? Which destination has the nicest beaches? What are the differences between the destinations?

If I can simplify the below before starting to write about any of the detentions, I’d categorize them this way; i’m starting off with the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen, then the one that has a breath-taking beach as well as greenery, and finally the green one and some beach.


Heaven on earth. This place is what i’d call Paradise.

Maldives is all about being in an exclusive island. There’s nothing much to do outside of the island or resort itself.

Maldives is a collection of 1,200 small, flat, coral islands that offer spectacular beaches and beautiful snorkeling and diving.

If you’re not comfortable with being limited to the beach and only the beach, then this place is not for you.

There are no hills or mountains in the Maldives and the pristine islands are surrounded by lagoons and coral reef.

It’s a typical Island life, you’re dropped to an island resort, where you’re only in that resort, its activities and its offerings. In the Maldives, I was booked on different resorts, so I very much enjoyed it and didn’t even get the chance to feel bored. I was there with my mother, and she had a blast as well!

If you wanna know more about my stay at the Maldives please check out my blog post here.

One thing you need to watch out for, Maldives is VERY expensive. Everything is expensive! We’ve had 2 burgers at the pool restaurant with salads and soft drinks, the bill was around 200 dollars. Just make sure you’re financially prepared for the luxury in Maldives.

I would recommend the Maldives over the other two for particularly Scuba Diving & Snorkeling.

All three destinations offer resorts that cater to families.

Family friends: Yes, depending on the resort.

Honeymoon friendly: Yes

Group travel: Yes, for those who seek a relaxing trip

Solo Travel: In my opinion, Nope! I would prefer to experience it with someone whomever that someone is.

جزر المالديف هي مجموعة من 1200 جزيره،  مجموعه من الجزر الصغيرة التي تتميز بشواطئها الخلابة والغوص والشعاب المرجانية الجميله

في  جزرالمالديف ٫لا توجد تلال أو جبال ، وتحيط الجزر البكر بحيرات والشعاب المرجانية. كل فندق قائم على جزيره حصريه..  إذا كنت غير مرتاح مع الاقتصار على الشاطئ، وفقط من الشاطئ، فان هذا المكان ليس لك

كل من الوجهات الثلاث توفر المنتجعات التي تلبي احتياجات الأسره ومناسبه للعائله والازواج ومجموعه من الاصدقاء



I would put Seychelles in the middle. It combines both clear blue waters, as well as the option to go outside the resort and walk around the island. I loved Seychelles a lot and the friendliness of the people!

The Seychelles picturesque tropical scenery is due to its unique granite-island group. Huge granite boulders lining white-sand beaches create breathtaking visuals found only in the Seychelles.

I would recommend the Seychelles, for honeymooners and non-honeymooners.

The 3 main islands of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue each have luxury resorts while there are also a number of private islands. For more about Seychelles, check my previous blogpost here

The Seychelles is home to several marine parks as well as forest and mountain reserves.

An advantage from my angle, Seychelles is doable on a lower budget, and prices there could be found at a lower rat.

All three destinations offer resorts that cater to families.

Family friends: Yes

Honeymoon friendly: Yes, there are stunning hotels and very appropriate for honeymooners

Group travel: Yes

Solo Travel: Yes

سيشيل بالنسبه لي تجمع بين كل من المياه الزرقاء الصافيه، و اتاحه الخيار للذهاب خارج المنتجع والمشي في أنحاء الجزيرة. حبيت السيشل كثيرا و خصوصا حبيت الشعب الودود الطيب

من الاشياء اللي تتميز فيها السيشيل  المناظر الطبيعية الاستوائية الخلابة و الصخور الضخمة من الجرانيت و الشواطئ ذات الرمال البيضاء

سيشيل هي موطن لعدد من المتنزهات البحرية وكذلك منتجعات في الغابات والجبال


At the end, I somehow remembered BALI after seeing “some” of Mauritius. It’s as green as Bali, but I liked Bali more! Maybe it’s not a fair comparison, as I haven’t gotten to see all of Mauritius, i’ve heard that the North of Mauritius has stunning beaches. Nonetheless, from a short trip experience, this was my take out.

Mauritius is a single large volcanic island with rugged mountain peaks leading down to an azure lagoon that encircles the island.

What I didn’t like much about Mauritius was the amount of mosquitos! Usually, mosquito repellent works well for me; in Mauritius, it didn’t do anything at all! I left with a lot of bites.

That aside and if this isn’t an issue for you, then Mauritius is a place you could consider.

Mauritius is home to great culture and diversity. Influences from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have led to a melting pot of cultures.

While the beaches might not be quite the same as in the Maldives or Seychelles, the amount of activities and excursions is excellent. For those concerned about getting bored, there is plenty to do in Mauritius.

I would recommend Mauritius for activity seekers.

Remember, All three destinations offer resorts that cater to families.

Family friends: Yes

Honeymoon friendly: Yes

Group travel: Yes

Solo Travel: Yes

موريشيوس هي جزيرة بركانية كبيرة واحدة مع قمم الجبال الوعرة المؤدية إلى البحيرة الزرقاء الذي يطوق الجزيرة

موريشيوس هي موطن لحضارة عظيمة والتنوع. وقد أدت التأثيرات من أفريقيا وآسيا وأوروبا، والشرق الأوسط إلى بوتقة تنصهر فيها الثقافات

بينما الشواطئ قد لا يكون تماما نفس كما هو الحال في جزر المالديف أو سيشيل، وكمية من الأنشطة والرحلات ممتازة. لأولئك المهتمين الحصول على بالملل، وهناك الكثير للقيام به في موريشيوس

أوصي موريشيوس للباحثين عن النشاط

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