Mosquitos, go away!

Mosquitos-Bite allergies Dilemma? Here’s how to stay happy while traveling to a mosquito territory destination.

I’ve decided to write about this particular since I personally suffer from mosquito-bite allergies (or any bite, for this matter!). I suddenly started developing an after-bite allergy, and an annoying one.

At first, it was just fine just like any other normal person. Later however, It became annoying to the point that I’ve experience being hospitalized twice during trips due to those little animals bites.

Trip after trip, an essential that never leaves my hand-bag is my mosquito repellent. One day, I forgot my holy repellent; and then it was panic mode, paranoia, thinking mosquitos are after me all day, everyday.

That trip had taught me some tricks, that would help anyone who suffers from the same ‘fear’ or ‘allergy’ of being bitten during their trip.

  • Don’t wear any scented ANYTHING. Perfumes, hair mist, hair serum, lip palm. Nothing with a nice smell.
  • They say wear light colors; mosquitos and insects are attracted to dark colors especially at night.
  • Eat and smell like garlic. (Really? Yes)
  • There are some oils that have a scent that drives insects away, such as tea tree oil.
  • Vinegar is also a good option

Having said that, and if you are going to destinations such as the Amazon, or Madagascar where you could be exposed to dangerous bites/diseases, in this case then I would strongly advise you to take the vaccinations needed for prevention of danger.

There are multiple health websites and mostly governmental, with announcements of the latest health news and updates, as well as the needed vaccinations.

check the CDC for more info about vaccines and travel health related info!

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