My 2 nights in Bergen, Norway

Bergen is Norway’s 2nd largest city, but draws more tourists than the capital because of its spectacular location. 

2 nights in Bergen were too short! My trip was in April 2019, everyone I asked told me not to go during that time and I’m so glad I did not listen. The weather, to my luck was just excellent.

We had to know try to plan our days and what to do in what day to be able to utilize our short stay to its best.

I do recommend you rent a car, while in Bergen! You could rent ahead of time through third party rental websites or the rental car website itself, or even on arrival at the airport.

Hotels in Bergen:

  • We stayed at Bergen Børs Hotel, the location was good, parking was a bit further (10 minutes walk), but located perfectly for those looking for walking in the center. Spacious rooms and good service too!

  • Opus XVI
  • Hotel Norge by Scandic
  • Scandic Ørnen
  • Hotel Oleana

Restaurants in Bergen:

  • Holy Cow (Burgers)
  • Cornelius Seafood Restaurant
  • Restaurant 1877
  • Kitchen & Table
  • Kaffemisjonen (Coffee)
  • Blom (Coffee)
  • Restaurant Marg & Bein
  • Hoggorm (a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria located at Nygårdsgaten 29)
  • Colonialen Litteraturhuset
  • Bien Centro (wood-fired pizza)
  • Smakverket (Breakfast)

Day trips from Bergen to the Fjords:

A day trip to see the Fjords is perhaps the most popular option when it comes to things to do or see from Bergen. My entire trip was focused on photography and exploring with my videos, so the best option for me and my friend who was with me in Norway is to rent a car (a plus is that she loves roadtrips!) and do our own Fjords hopping during the day!


Norway’s most popular fjord tour is Norway in a Nutshell! I did not take this tour again due to my limited time, but check it out for sure if you have the time to take those tours with them. They have great reviews!


Which cities to checkout on day trips from Bergen?

We drove up to Flåm and decided to stop at whatever is on our way such as Voss. Again, since our trip was for photography and aerial photography we did not have a set plan or where to stop specifically other than whatever comes in our way on the way to Flåm.

In Flam, we hopped on a Fjords cruise! In the information center there were a couple of options to explore other than the cruise, but the cruise was our target.

Places we also passed by: Hordaland, Sogn, Skulestadmo, Naeroyfjord, Evangervatnet, Aurland, Vaksdal.

PS. we picked up our rental car from the airport upon landing. I would recommend that you book your car ahead just to avoid any inconveniences of not finding the car you want. 

Safe Trip!!

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