My Experience Traveling with Emirates to Vietnam!

Hello, beautiful!

I was invited to go to Vietnam for the second time but this time sponsored by Vietnam Embassy in Kuwait for the trip in Vietnam, and sponsored by Emirates Airlines for my flight! So I decided to share with you in this post, my experience traveling on Emirates Airlines Business Class from Kuwait to Hanoi Vietnam via Dubai , and from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam to Kuwait via Dubai.

Duration of Flight

Our first leg was from Kuwait to Dubai was a short one as usual around an hour, with a transit in Dubai.

ran into my friends on flight!

It depends on the trip, but sometimes I really like transits and especially in worth-seeing airports. Dubai Airport is definitely a nice place to spend sometime shopping, eating or even just enjoying a cup of coffee while people watching. 

So I managed to divide my time between doing some electronic last minute shopping and getting some work done while being at the Emirates lounge. 

Emirates lounge is huge, has showers, buffets and multiple seating areas all around the lounge; keep an eye on your watch cause there are no in-lounge flight announcements.

For the second leg, the flight from Dubai to Hanoi was around 7 hours. The flight was long, but worth it. I was traveling on Business Class on Emirates, which is always a delight especially for long trips. 

As for the flight back from Ho Chi Minh to Dubai, it was also around the same duration of flying, and the timing was very convenient and good; I love night flights as I get to sleep all night on the flight and wakeup fresh when I’m back home. This is one of the tricks I do, which is to find an overnight long flight to also kill the jetlag.

Many people struggle because they don’t sleep on long flight, hence, my recommendation also to go on a flight which has a good entertainment system; such as good movies. Right before sleeping, I browsed through the entertainment system on my Emirates flight and it was really good. I  loved the movie collection I found, got to save some of them on my favorites list so  I  could start watching  them, but never did haha cause I immediately slept after takeoff. (Guilty, I’m a sleeper!)

I must say and highlight, the service on the flight back was really good. I love  when the  flight attendants are smiling, its just a breath of fresh air; thank you for that. 

Have you been on Emirates before? Share with me your moments from your trips, and what left an impression? 

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