My Stay at Soneva Fushi, Maldives! 2020

I recently enjoyed a lovely birth month (November) in the Maldives ♡ My first stop was at Soneva Fushi, where measures were extra and well thought off to keep the feel of being there the closest thing to normal with corona-times! Upon arrival, there was a mandatory PCR test and in-room quarantine for 24 hours to ensure everything is good for the safety of the staff and guests in the resort.

Hello Private Paradise!

I first stayed in the 1 Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide, which was located directly over the clear waters of the Indian Ocean .. A much needed views to start off my vacation!

Arrival to Maldives and to Soneva Fushi

Due to COVID-19 situation, in The Maldives, we need to fill out and submit an ONLINE SELF-DECLARATIVE HEALTH DECLARATION via https://imuga.immigration.gov.mv/ within 24 hours before our departure TO and FROM the Maldives.

Seeing the pictures and reviews of the Soneva brand and Soneva Fushi all over instagram have always kept me wanting to visit this place! Finally, for November 2020 I decided to have a birthday trip in The Maldives, and started it with Soneva Fushi.

I got to Soneva Fushi is by seaplane (30 mins) from MALE airport. The island. resort is located in Baa Atoll, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The Baa Atoll (group if islands), is known to have plenty of manta rays, turtles, coral reefs, and dolphins.

One of the things I liked about the resort and noticed upon arrival is their no-shoes policy. Our villa host came to us with a shoe bag to collect our shoes at the transfer boat and explain to us about the no no shoes policy which I LOVED. Very different (to me at least, not used to not wearing shoes) yet very very comfortable. I actually missed this part alot once I moved to other resorts in the Maldives.  

I spent two nights in 1 Bedroom WaterVilla with Slide, and in the next two nights I stayed at an Island Villa!

Staying in this villa for a mandatory 24 hour quarantine was a bliss. lol. Everyone should quarantine themselves in this beautiful place at some point!

On my other 2 nights, we moved to a 1 bedroom Beach Villa which was spacious (has 2 bedrooms actually) and is great! The bathroom of this villa was a whole different story; its just beautiful. It has a a bathtub overlooking a water fountain and its huge. I loved it!

The beach villa has also a private pool, a little garden with direct access to the beach.

What was also cute and catch is that every villa has its own private butler and they are named Mr. Or Mrs. Friday! The name itself is just joy! Your private butler is the one who’s always in contact with you, does your bookings, cater to your needs and drives you around in the gold cart if needed.

When you walk or bike around the island there is a big chance you will come across rabbits! We spotted a few rabbits roaming around while we’re having breakfast ♡

The two things I wanted to try but didn’t have the chance two were: watching a movie under the stars and the spa!

Lovely stay, thank you Soneva Fushi and I cannot wait to visit again soon!

PS, Thank you for the early birthday cake ♡

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