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Hello Explorers!!

For the North of Spain, the above is a route I recommend you to take on a roadtrip. Basically you could start-off with either San Sebastian and end it in Coruña, or the other way around.

  • A Coruña كرورونيا
  • Gijon خيخون
  • Santander سانتاندير
  • Bilbao بيلباو
  • San Sebastian سان سيباستيان

I’ve done this trip back in 2012. San Sebastian was my absolute favorite. Another city that I haven’t added in here, is Pamplona. If you have the time, pass by it it’s only 2 hours drive from San Sebastian!

A Coruña

The best sea-food ever. A Coruña (Castilian: La Coruña) is a port city, beachy hot spot and cruise-ship stop; a busy commercial centre and a cultural enclave; a historic city and a modern metropolis with a buzzing nightlife – all in all, an intriguing place to discover.



Gijon is a city by the sea, which is omnipresent in its geography and activities. Nature has given the city the gift of numerous stunning beaches all along its coastline.

In the summer the beaches are the destination for families, friends and lovers who come to sunbath, partake in water sports or simply enjoy the natural coastline. The beaches aren’t abandoned during the autumn and winter months, when they are perfect spots for a stroll, fishing and just taking in some lovely fresh air. If you are into active tourism, adventure or outdoor activities, Gijon offers a host of possibilities.



Modern Santander is not the most beautiful of cities. A huge fire raged through the centre back in 1941, leaving little that’s old or quaint.
But Cantabria’s capital makes the most of its setting along the northern side of the handsome Bahía de Santander, and it’s a lively place to spend a day or two, with good city beaches, bustling shopping streets, a heaving bar and restaurant scene, and a few cultural attractions. It’s a popular summer holiday resort for Spaniards.


Revitalized by the success of its Guggenheim Museum, the energetic city of Bilbao is set amid the spectacular green hills of the Basque Country.

 San Sebastian

San Sebastián

This elegant seaside resort boasts one of Europe’s best city beaches; its superb cuisine is at its most affordable in the pintxos bars of the old quarter.



An intriguing destination, which comes alive during the bull-running of July’s San Fermín festival. (I’ve posted about this event before on snapchat!!)

Que tenga un buen viaje, Adios!

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