Packing Tips: A week in Maldives

Ladies this post is for you (cause men’s packing is simpler than ever! haha)..

Going to the Maldives for a week and not sure what to pack?

Swim wear & Other outfits

– Swimsuit for every day if you like change. One swimwear per two days is also an option if you’re looking to pack efficiently.

– Long sleeve swimming blouse (for snorkeling and diving if that’s something you’d like to do)

– Day/beach dresses one for every day

– Dresses for the night , I would say 2 nice ones and the rest are regular ones – Depending on the island/hotel you’re going to, some of them have really nice dressy restaurants for dinners or some bars/lounges where it’s nice to dress up.

– Beach wraps

– Shorts & Tank Tops

– Gym wear


– Hats

– Headbands

– 2 pairs of sunglasses (for pictures)

– Tassel or shell beach necklaces

– Anklet

– Waterproof watch (If you like to wear watches)

– Beach Earrings (4 pairs?)

– Floats. and beach towels.. of course… lol

– Beach Bag


– Sunscreen

– Mosquito repellent & after bite

– Tanning Oil

– After sun / Aloe Vera Gel for skin & face

– small umbrella or rain jacket if you’re going in the shoulder season


– Flipflops

– Swimming shoes (incase you need them, i personally didn’t take any but wanted to be wearing one when I saw vegetarian sharks and sting-rays haha)

– I do not recommend heels at all, you can take nice sandals for the night that matches your dresses.

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