Porto, Portugal Travel Guide

How to get to Porto (Also called Oporto)?
Airport Name: Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport is located on the north outskirts of Porto
via Plane
  • Via Lufthansa+ TAP with one stop in Germany – Frankfurt (Be careful while planning with TAP, I heard there are many cancelled flights so try to get an early flight in case its cancelled you could get on the next one) There are also many low cost flights such as: Luxair, Ryanair, Air Berlin, Air Transat and Aigle Azu
  • Other than Germany as a stop/connection:  Lisbon, Brussels, Toronto, Montreal, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Bordeaux and London
Via car
  • Arrive in Lisbon & drive to Porto: the city enjoys excellent road connections with the entire Portugal. Thus, for instance, A 1 links Porto to Lisbon, A 4 provides the connection to Tras-os-Montes, whereas A 3 reaches all the way to Minho. Braga, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo are also connected by motorways to Porto, so, depending on the chosen destination, tourists must opt for either A 29 or A 28 in order to get to where they want to reach. Either by bus or by car (private vehicle or rented car), Porto can be reached from virtually all corners of the country.
Lunch in Porto
– Reitoria ( Steakhouse, Bistro, Wine Bar)
– LSD (Coffee & tea, Snacks, Restaurants)
– Rota do Cha (Cafe)
– Taberna das Galerias (Portuguese)
– Casa de Pasto da Palmeira (Portuguese)
– Bar Tolo (Portuguese)
– Portarossa (Pizzeria)
– Gull (Sushi)


Things to do.
Fundação (foundation) Serralves – awesome palace with amazing gardens and and enormous collection of art
– Must see Ponte de Dom Luís I
– If the weather is good go Praia (means beach) da Maceda
– Checkout Praça da Ribeira (Square/Plaza)
– Surf lessons/Surfing
– Hop on Hop off Bus to see Porto
– There are also guided tours to see the city at night
– Nightlife: Rua (Street) das Galerias
– Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Museum)
Happy travels!!!
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