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Since I’m in Japan, why not continue to South Korea, right??

Currency: South Korean Won (KRW)

Language: Korean
– Population: 10 million (city), 25 million (metro)
– Seoul is the 2nd biggest metropolitan area in the world (behind Tokyo)
– Seoul contains the headquarters for Samsung, Kia, Hyundai and Kia
– Over 12 million international people visit Seoul every year
– More than half of Korea’s population lives in the Seoul Metropolitan Area
– With extremely low crime rates, Seoul is considered one of the safest cities in the world


What I did and since its  short period of time, I researched the best area to stay and an accommodation with the best rate suitable for my budget at the time. I ended up choosing Gangnam Area.

Starting my research for accommodation, I was in between two options: 1) Four Seasons and 2) Cappuccino Hotel

Option 1, was luxury, pricer and in a nicer area.

Option 2, was cheaper, quirky and small, and in a hip area.

I honestly like both, but I was more attracted to stay in a hip, quirky cheaper hotel since i’ll be staying in a single room!

Check out Hotel Cappuccino Here

Other hotel options:

  • The Shilla
  • Lotte
  • Westin
  • Four Seasons

Things to do in Seoul:

  • Yeouido Park (Parks nice in cherry Blossom Season or fall)
  • Changdeok Palace
  • Lotte Tower for literally everything! Shopping, restaurants, art, sky observatory, etc..
  • Myeongdong (Street food, Shopping street and malls)
  • In Myeongdong, checkout Nanta Cooking Show, funny & loud!
  • A stroll in Iteawon (Arabic, Turkish, Grocery, cafes, etc)
  • Gangnam Station (shops, cafes, restuarants)
  • In Gangnam next to the station, there was a really cute street with restaurants, bars and shops. We stopped at the Ugly Stove for brunch, it was awesome!
  • DMZ Day Tour (North of Korea Borders)
  • N Seoul Tower (GREAT place, lotsa love locks and an amazing veiw of Seoul)
  • Dior Cafe (Only cause I think its gorgeous! haha)
  • D Tower for AMAZING hip trendy restaurants, checkout Mad About Garlic
  • Yongsan Electronics Market
  • Dongdaemun Market (Night Market)
  • Namdaemun Market (Korean Traditional Market/Night market)
  • Insadong (Traditional Korean antiques/ Souvenirs)

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