The Secret Waterfalls in Oman

Hello hello hello adventurers! This post is especially for YOU.

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PC: Hello965

One of the weekends I decided to join a hiking trip organized by a Kuwaiti adventurer called Ali, who’s been doing those hikes in Oman for a while.

Oman Hello965
Mr Ali Husain

Ali organizes multiple trips on a monthly basis. Usually, those trips have guides and co-guides to lead everyone during the whole trip. Ali is an Explorer & adventure traveler. Inspiring others to get out & see the wonders of Earth. What motivated me to join one of Ali’s trips is his passion; when you know passion is involved, you know it’ll be good.

How do I sign up for one of the trips?

You contact Ali to inquire about the trips he offers: (Jebel Shams, The cave, Waterfalls, Kayak Expedition, The Abandon Village (Family trip),  etc..). Usually, the broadcast he sends contains the trip details:

  • Starting and Ending Dates
  • Guide names
  • Difficulty Level
  • Price & deposit details
  • Meeting Point
  • Gear required
  • What is provided and what is not

Upon confirmation, you transfer the deposit amount. A whatsapp group will be created to discuss trip details and to get to know the group you’re going with. Later, there will be a meeting where you all meet to discuss the trip details. Our guide Ms Lulu Al Awadhi was extremely helpful guiding us to what we need to buy and prepare for. So when the meeting happens, try to attend.

Oman Hello965
PC: Arwa Abulhassan

You feel like going but no one wants to join you from your friends? GO ANWYAY! At first, I was worried because I registered solo – I had no friends going with me at that time. Then I realized, it’s one of the best decisions I took meeting all the great people and their amazing personalities.

Oman Hello965
PC: Abdulwahab Buhaimed

The trip I did was called: The Secret Waterfalls

Verdict of the whole experience? AMAZING

Will I do it again? Yes

A tip for the Secret Waterfalls? Take gloves, Knee support, and an energy drink.

Do I need to be fit to do it? Personally, I say Yes. Train, train, train.

A memorable moment? Jumping off of a 20 meters cliff

Oman Hello965

*** Through out the trip I had two concerns but I’ll share only one: Sleeping outdoors. Sleeping under the stars and waking up to the beach were the best two moments I’ve had in a long long time.

Ignore your fears, have fun!

Oman Hello965
PC: Bader AlAjeel

Closing Thought.. ” Forge your own route and stand in no one’s footsteps but your own.”



  1. In 2013 it was my first time to oman “salalah”, we really had a lot of fun driving to mountain and hills the weather was great and the people are friendly. But after hearing about these hikes and cliff, Its a must do.
    Thank you

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