Trabzon, Ordu and Samsun

Invited by Turkish Airlines Arabia to a new exciting trip to Turkey, to discover areas and places I’ve never seen before: Trabzon, Ordu and Samsun!

بدعوه من طيران التركيه٫ زيارتي الى تركيا هالمره الى مناطق ماشفتها من قبل واهم: طرابزون٫ اوردو وسامسون

بالنسبه للفيزا لحاملين الجنسيه الكويتيه ومن زيارتي الاخيره: الدخول الى تركيا من غير فيزا


VISA: as far as my recent visit, Kuwaiti nationals and passport holders do not need visa to enter Turkey. There has been some recent changes, so please check with the respective consulate regarding your status.


مطار الوصول كان الى طرابزون خلال اسطنبول وفي رحلات مباشره الى طرابزون بدون ترانزيت

مطار المغادره كان من سامسون خلال اسطنبول وفي رحلات قادمه قريبا مباشره من سامسون بدون ترانزيت


Arrival Airport: Trabzon through Istanbul (direct Intl’ routes are now open!)

Departure Airport: Samsun to Istanbul (domestic – direct Intl’ routes opening soon/opened!)

Trabzon is one of the major cities of Turkey and the biggest one in the Eastern Black Sea region. I liked the fact that I stayed in a hotel I liked in Trabzon, and from there with a car and a driver and a tour guide that spoke the local language, we went on day trips to towns and areas within the Trabzon province.

الفنادق اللي سكنت فيها هي التاليه:

في طرابزون Hotel stayed in Trabzun: Ramada Plaza (i liked it!)

في اوردو Hotel in Ordu: Hilton Ordu (it was average)

في سامسون Hotel in Samsun: Grand Sheraton Samsun (i liked it!)

Itinerary followed for this trip organized by Turkish Airlines and a local travel agent Vazelon Tour International (Ask for Hamza, he’s great and he speaks Arabic he was our guide for the trip)

طيران التركيه رتبت انه يكون معاي سياره وسايق وقايد خلال الرحله من السكان وبذلك المحادثه مع الجميع كانت من خلاله وكان الموضوع مريح جدا وانصح بالمثل٬ اسم الشركه اللي كانت معاي فاسيلون تور انترناشونال واسم القايد حمزه ويتكلم اللغه العربيه


Uzungol Lake بحيره اوزونغول

Things you could do in or see from Trabzon:

  • City tour of Trabzon
  • Trabzon Ataturk Kosku
  • Boztepe
  • Trabzon Hagia Sophia
  • Altindere Vadisi National Park
  • Uzungol Tour (Lake area)
  • Giresun Tour & Ordu Tour
  • Samsun & Ayvacik Tour
  • Sinop Erfelek Tour

From Trabzon we drove to Ordu. By car with an average speed of 110 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be around an hour 35 minutes.

بعد طرابزون رحت الى اوردو واللي كانت تقريبا ساعه ونص بالسياره٫ بما انه كان رمضان اغلب الاشياء كانت مغلقه بالصباح وقضيت فقط ليله في اوردو

The time of visit in Ordu did not help us much to see things around, as almost everything was closed due to Ramadan.

Ordu is a port city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, historically also known as Cotyora or Kotyora, and the capital of Ordu Province with a population of 213,582 in the city center. The city is the world’s largest hazelnut producer. While hazelnut is the main source of the economy, the city has developed small-sized industries and a rapidly growing tourism sector in recent years. [Source: Wikipedia]


Ordu is known for its beautiful nature and relaxing environment.

Things you could do in Ordu:

  • Ordu Telefrik
  • Ulubey TabiatParki
  • Paragliding in Ordu
  • Kurul Kalesi Castle
  • Visit Giresun Castle
  • Ethnographic museum
  • Gaga Golu


Last stop after Ordu was Samsun! Samsun is a city on the north coast of Turkey with a population over half a million people.

Since I did not have much time in Samsun as well and my trip was coming to an end, we stopped by the center where we walked around and had an early dinner/late lunch!

Popular things to do in Samsun:

  • Samsun City Tour
  • Amaasya Museum of Arch.
  • Amisos Hill King Tombs (İlkadım)
  • Asarkale ve Rock Tombs (Bafra)
  • Twin-Hills, İkiztepe (Bafra)
  • Nerik Antik Kenti (Vezirköprü)
Ordu (151 km)
Sinop (180 km)
Amasya (124 km)

Thank you @Mijlof for the pictures on this blog post!! Check out his instagram account here




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