Tulum Foodie!

The restaurants in Tulum are just fantastic! Surprisingly my second visit to Tulum is in 2020! Haha! But on a super positive note Tulum has drastically changed since the last time I was here (7 years ago?) Some would say in a good way and others would say not; well, I’m on team good way! I liked many of the things I saw (minus the crazy traffic on hotels road).

Here are some of my recommendations, some restaurants I got to try and experience and others were recommended but I didn’t have the time to try.

In Tulum, the most famous part where all the nice restaurants are is the Hotels Zone on the beach. Keep in mind, this area gets crowded with cars so make sure you take that into consideration when making reservations. I also advise that you book ahead for most of the restaurants below. I’ve booked some of them from ‘OpenTable‘ app.

  • Posada Margherita (Italian – in a cute hotel they only accept cash no cards)
  • Kitchen Table
  • Arca
  • Mezze (Mediterranean)
  • Hartwood
  • Taboo
  • Rosa Negra
  • Bagatelle (French/beach club)
  • Tseen Ja by Azulik (Japanese)
  • Bonita Tulum Burger Bar
  • Ukami
  • Casa Banana
  • Maresias at Be Tulum

A few recommendations by a Mexican friend!

  • Raw Love (breakfast)
  • Del Cielo (breakfast)
  • Casa Pueblo (breakfast)
  • Holistica (breakfast)
  • Liquido y Solido (breakfast)
  • Casa Pueblo (lunch)
  • Real coconut (lunch)
  • Casa Jaguar (dinner)
  • Arca (fine dining)
  • Hartwood (dinner)
  • Cenzontle (dinner)
  • Loyal order (dinner)
  • Habitas (dinner)
  • Vucciria (dinner)
  • El Asadero (dinner)

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