Visa Process to Visit Kuwait

Hello Hello Travelers!!

If you are planning on visiting Kuwait for the first time, and have no idea how the visa works in here .. then you might want to read this blog post!

well, I am a local so I technically do not need a visa; BUT I’ve had some friends visit Kuwait and I got to hear their feedback hence I decided to help out a bit and make things a little easier.

There are two ways for visa and of course depending on your passport:

A) Online application & pre-arrival visa

It’s either done by yourself or most likely hotels in Kuwait once you book with them, they take care of the visa work. You will need an ‘invitation’ which is also done and provided by the hotel most of the time. Recently I haven’t heard any one needing an invitation but just incase you are asked, hotels do it.

The Kuwait eVisa: https://kuwaitvisa.com/online-evisa-application/

The Kuwait online visa is a single-entry visa which allows travelers to enter Kuwait for touristic purposes for a maximum stay of ninety (90) days. Visitors cannot use the visa to enter Kuwait more than once. Once the validity period has passed, the eVisa becomes invalid and can no longer be used to enter Kuwait.

B) On Arrival Visa

Once you arrive to Kuwait you’ll be directed to the arrivals and immigration hall. Don’t go there yet! The floor in which where you exit the gate (Just incase, i’m talking about Kuwait International Airport As of December 2018)

In that same level where you left your gate, there’s a Visa Section near gates 1 & 2 or near where all the restaurants are. If you see Starbucks, then you’re in the wrong side you need to go to the other side. (or just ask anyone who works there..)

Tricky part is, many of security and immigration staff   speak English. So, please go with an open mind, and plenty of temper.

Once you enter the Visa section, they’ll need a copy of your passport, the fees amount and the application to filled and sign. Make sure you have cash on you or get it from the ATM machine, and also get along a visa copy just incase or just prepare to hand them over your passport to make a copy for you (I believe they charge a small amount for the copying machine)

After thats done, you then could proceed to immigration to get our passport stamped, visa checked and you go om!

Visa Cost on Arrival KD 3

Kuwait currency is strong; so make sure you know exactly how much that is, so you could either A) prepare for it and bring the exact change with you, or B) withdraw cash from the ATM which does provide smaller bills.

GCC nationals can enter Kuwait visa-free.

Citizens from the countries listed below are eligible to apply for an eVisa for Kuwait. Please note that travelers with residency in the GCC countries (Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UAE) can apply for an eVisa regardless of their nationality.

Kuwait eVisa requirements by nationality:

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