What do I think about Solo Traveling?

It’s interesting how sometimes people make things sound impossible, crazy or even wrong. A lot of the times when I mention, or snap, or instagram I get asked if I’m alone. Sometimes they directly ask: “Are you crazy? Aren’t you afraid?? Aren’t you bored?” and other similar type of questions.

  • Learn to do things ALONE.

It’s always easier having someone help us do things – but you won’t realize how dependent are we on others, until you NEED to do things alone. You’d think its easy, think again. It’s not easy at all especially being abroad and needing to be independent and fully dependent on yourself and yourself only.

I love it. Once you learn how to do things alone.. One you know what you can bring to the table? You will not be afraid to dine alone. It’s just amazing.

  • LIVE.

A lot of us care so much and focus about the happiness of others, forgetting completely about your own self, and your own happiness. Traveling with someone? They want to go to have dinner when all you want to do is have a walk in a park? But hey, you don’t want them unhappy right? Let’s go to the dinner this time. And the next time.. and the next time..

Have you ever been hesitant to do that half-day at the spa you were longing for because you felt bad leaving your travel partner with nothing to do?

I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m saying, LIVE YOUR OWN HAPPY MOMENTS every now and then. It’s refreshing, it’s different, its self-growing. You will go back to your loved ones, alive, happy and ready to make them happy too!

As cliche as this sounds, its very very true. Don’t let the idea of being alone scares you; you could always meet people in your travels, make new friends or even re-connect with very old ones, randomly!

  • Meet new people.

Realistically, you’re never really alone. If you wanna be an introvert? You can. But, whenever you WANT, you can connect with new people. People at your hotel, people in the street, travelers in the street, people with you on tours, your driver, your waiter… YOU CAN TALK AND MEET ANYONE.

Traveling alone will allow you and push you to make small talks with people along the way, because us as human beings, we like interacting with others through out our days. Whenever you’re with someone, that feeling is always met, so chances are less for you to go and speak with others.

  • You get answers.

Whether it’s a life changing career move or you’ve just simply had enough everything around you.. solo travel will help you get clarity…. even if you didn’t realise you needed to!

You learn. Without the influence of others, you get the answers you need.

  • Test your Boundaries.

You get to know yourself, and know what you’re really capable of. You’ll learn exactly what out of comfort zone is. You’ll have to communicate with strangers, ask for directions, speak with people that don’t speak your language. You find an opportunity to go hiking, and you’ve never done hiking! You get a chance to go on a road trip, and you’re all alone.. and you decide to DO IT!

Boundaries? Tested.

  • You won’t have anyone standing up for you, speaking on your behalf, or doing things for you. The level of confidence will HAVE TO go up. This will forever change you.I’ve been through so many challenges being alone. Scared in dark alleys, worried i’m going to over sleep, cards don’t work, no more cash, language barrier.. Going through all of this alone? Will take your confidence level (The right confidence) to a new new level!

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