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One of the most confusing things when starting to plan for the Maldives is which resort should I choose?

There are a couple of points to consider while choosing your accommodation in the Maldives due to the variety of AMAZING heavenly hotels all over the island. Basically, the capital is Male which is where everyone arrive first, and from there you get transferred to your island hotel.

Ive visited the Maldives twice, and experienced 6 amazing resorts. The questions I was asked the most from you guys is how to choose the hotel? They are all just magical. Alright, so in this post, I hope to help you decide on your preference.

Step 1. Find 5 hotels that you like from photos maybe, list their names down and start going through step 2. the filtration process below:


  • What type of accommodation do you want to stay in?

There are many options for rooming and types in every hotel, this will vary and it will affect the price. There are hotels and resorts that offer Garden Villas, Overwater Villas, Private Pool Villas, Overwater Sunset Villas, Overwater Sunrise Villas and the list goes on…

Ideally, going to the Maldives to me at least, would make me want to experience an overwater villa! However, and due to cost purposes you could find a villa that is cheaper which however won’t be an over water villa. Check the villa type that suits your budget most, and go for it.

If your budget range is within the range of an over water villa, check if the pool overwater villa is within that same range and go for it – cause why not? 😀

  • How many nights is the trip?

The number of nights in the trip itself will make a difference. If the three night is for USD 6000 (KD 2000), then that might be within your budget… but if you do decide to stay longer, then that same amount is not ok for your budget so you start looking for cheaper options for instance. This will for sure will affect your hotel choice.

Keep in mind at the end of the day, ALL HOTELS will give you the Maldives experience because you are in the MALDIVES.

  • The Season

The prices and cost are very much affected with the season. When its a shoulder season (off season), then the prices drop as it does rain and have storms a lot of the time. If you are going on the season, then prices increase noticeably. So keep that in mind, and pick your season. My last trip was off season and I still managed to have a blast so its not always a bad thing to be going off season.

However and if it is off season, maybe you could score a great deal/price for one of your dream hotels?

Reason of visit/ who are you traveling with

This is an important factor in deciding which hotel to pick. Know what is the purpose of your trip. Honeymoon? Family getaway? Kids vacation? Friends getaway? Anniversary? This calls for you to do further research, and check if the hotel list you have picked do offer options for your purpose. If you are going on a honeymoon, go on the hotel’s website and see if the offer for example special dinners,

romantic picnics, cinema nights for two and so on. If your goal for this trip is a trip with kids, check if they offer any kid friendly activities, sports activities. Usually, and once you access the website’s homepage, you’ll be able to get a feel or a sense of the hotel’s focus in terms of honeymoon packages offers, family offers, activities and so on. This will give you a direction whether or not to focus on this hotel.

Another easier option of course is to ask people who have experienced those hotels before. So you could check if your friends were able to experience anything specific that caught their attention of an experience they recommend.

An important thing about asking friends or family about their experience, always remember to ask them who they traveled with, and what was the purpose of this trip. This would help with your perception of the place and if its somewhere you’d like to experience.

Keep in mind, others experiences won’t necessarily apply to you, its a matter of preference at the end of the day..


So basically all the international flights arrive to Male International Airport. From Male International Airpot, comes a second transfer which is to the hotel depending on the location of your hotel… If your hotel is close, the option of access the hotel becomes a boat ride. If your hotel is further out, the option of reaching your island hotel/resort is via sea plane.

For me, seaplanes are always a plus; as I get to see the most beautiful views as part of the package of being in the Maldives.

To some people, taking sea planes are deal breakers; so checking the distance of the resort and the accessibility in this case will help you decide on which island resort you should pick.

Do note that if your resort requires a seaplane transfer, you can only fly during daylight so if your flight arrives after dark, you need to stay one night in Male. Take this into account if your flight home is in the wee hours of the morning too. Therefore, do check with your resort on the transfer schedule and ensure you have an accommodation in Male after or before your flight. I personally would not choose to stay the night in Male, just pick a different flight if that is the case.

Variety of options/food options

The last bit i think would help making a decision regarding the resort or your accommodation of choice is their food packages/restaurants variety on resort. Given all resorts are on islands, and if you are staying more than 3 nights you would definitely want to experience more than one restaurant so you don’t get bored.

I personally don’t like it when a hotel offers an An-Inclusive, as for me this is an automatic sign to lower my standards for the service as most of All- Inclusive hotels or resorts I’ve experienced tend to have a some what not so good service (but of course, not all of them..

The usual standard deal that most hotels/resorts offer in the Maldives is a breakfast included package. Some other good resorts Ive seen offer half board packages which would most likely be breakfast and dinner.

Safe travels, and enjoy Paradise! ♡


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