Which Plug?

This post is shamelessly advertising a weekend project.

In a nutshell: WhichPlug.com is a website that tells you what plug you can use in different countries all over the world, relevant frequencies and voltages for the respective countries.

Which Plug?
Which Plug?

This was a playground project for me to test out JQuery Mobile. It is a framework for making Mobile ready websites fast. The idea came about because I was looking online for a type of plug used in a country (go figure!).

The project was short and sweet:

  1. Gather data in an excel file with pictures for the plugs.
  2. Set up a database and build the necessary tables
  3. Create the queries to extract data that will be used (data strategy)
  4. Build the website (it’s 1 page in php)
  5. Skin the website using JQuery Mobile
  6. Launch and award yourself with a cookie (one that can be dunked in milk)

There are many useful resources on-line, there are probably hundreds of sites and apps that do the same but I didn’t find a simple layout that presented information in a simple way. So I built one instead … for free.


Hope you find the site useful.

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