Adventure of a life time.. Mongolia!

Welcome to this exciting blog-post.

This trip is different. If you are looking for a luxury/city life sort of exploring trip, then you are in the wrong place.  For an adventure, or a complete disconnecting experience from the world in a back-to-basics sort of style.. you are definitely in the right place. Welcome to Mongolia!

  • Visa

Embassy of Mongolia for the GCC is in Kuwait located in Salwa. The Embassy of Mongolia in Kuwait usually caters to all GCC as per my knowledge and as of the time of this post (written in September, 2019). 

I don’t usually write the requirements as they may change and vary at any point, so the simplest thing to do is just google the number of the embassy and give them a call!

Ulaanbatar – The Capital

The cosmopolitan capital is the single hub for trips to any destinations within Mongolia.

Ulaanbatar has restaurants, museums and nightlife. It is good for two nights more or less. I spent in total 5 nights in it, a few nights before my group came to Mongolia and a few nights after they left. The capital is great for those who might need to buy some last minute things; there is a great department store that has adventure shops, also some beautiful Cashmere for those looking to shop.

There’s also a high end department store/mall in the Shangri-La Hotel. It’s called Shangri-La Mall.

Hotels in Ulaabaatar 

  • Shangri La (I would recommend it!)
  • Sky Blue (average rooms & service) 

To see in Ulaanbaatar:

  • National Museum of Mongolia 
  • Museum of Natural History 
  • Sukhbaatar Square 
  • Gandan Khiid in time to catch the monks chanting
  • Zaisan Memorial (sunset spot/ climbing some steps) 
  • Chinggis Khaan statue (enormous marble construction – completed in 2006, it is around an hour  30 mins or so from the center)

Heads up: I totally think that you need a local guide/translator for your trip. Not many people outside of the city (inside the city as well) speak English. Ive had a problem communicating with others while being there, and even during our camping experience, none of the horsemen or the other nomads spoke any English.

Restaurants I tried and liked:

  • Rosewood Kitchen 
  • Terrazza (Mediterranean)
  • Ikh Mongol (Mongolian BBQ) 
  • Namaste (Indian, delicious and big portions)
  • Café Tom Tom
  • Coffee Bean 
  • Café Bene 

Didn’t try but read about:

  • River Sounds for live music
  • Luna Blanca (Vegetarian)
  • Café Amsterdam (Dutch & Mongolian Owners), English breakfast and sandwiches.
  • Marco Polo (Pizza & Pasta)
  • Ubean coffeehouse and roasters

Camping or tents in Mongolia are called ‘Ger’ . One of the most memorable or interesting things to do when visiting Mongolia is to stay in a Ger or visit a Ger if you can’t stay in one! They’re so interesting and very representive of the Mongolian culture.

Nomadic families usually stay in Gers. From the outside it looks like a tent, from the inside though, its impressive, has some modern equipments, nice architecture and poles from the inside and some other stuff – depending on how big the Ger is ofcouese

One of the nice times fo visit Mongolia is during the Nadaam Festival. It is usually held on July 11 and 12. It has races, Mongolian wrestling, folklore music and some other fun stuff to see!

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