Aldabbous Exchange, Currency Exchange with Home Delivery

I’ve recently stumbled upon Al Dabbous Exchange – I was sold at “ORDER ONLINE AND WE WILL DELIVER TO YOUR DOOR STEP WITHIN 4 HOURS” 😀

A few weeks back when I was preparing for my trip to Croatia, I mentioned on Snapchat that I was looking for an exchange, that offers small notes/change, as that is priced well in comparison to the rest of the exchanges in Kuwait. I ended up asking a friend to exchange for me since I didn’t have the time to go and do it myself. Usually during my trips, I always exchange at the airport. However, lately and with the increased traffic at the airport I started feeling that I do not want to stand in line, and just get it over with in advance if possible. BINGO!

Al Dabbous International Exchange has been operating since 2002, providing competitive exchange rates for our clients.They are currently operating three branches in Kuwait.

What I also liked a lot, is their ‘Comment’ box at the end. This feature is very important to me atleast, where you could choose the denominations you’d like to get. In my case and for dollars, I picked 20’s 50’s and minimum 100’s. Received my currency and the change I wanted as requested.

I’m very happy with this service, very convenient! Thank you Aldabbous Exchange.

Check it out guys..

PS. Its only in Kuwait (Sorry GCC! Much love.)

Happy travels!

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