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Hello Athens!

I’ve been to Greece before, stopped over in Athens for a transit but never really explored the city! This time, luckily, I did!

On our way to the Ionian islands, we decided to spend 2 nights in Athens to get a feel of the city and its amazing cuisine.

Our hotel choice was: Electra Metropolis Athens

This hotel was recommended to me due to its location – which I agree with, the location is really great! The service was average, the rooms were good! I would recommend it for a short stay, yes!

Since I was in Athens for a very short time, I decided to do the hop-on hop-off (16 Euros, 1 day pass and 1 day free) bus to hit the places that I wanted to see most:

  • Parthenon, Acropolis

The Sacred Rock of Acropolis with the Parthenon, dedicated to its patron goddess Athena, offers a panoramic view of the sprawling city. The UNESCO World Heritage site inspires a sense of wonder – this amazing complex has survived wars, earthquakes, political upheavals and more.


Plaka is the oldest residential quarter – replete with old world charm, winding streets, restored neoclassical houses, coffee shops and tavernas. It’s also home to a hammam, the Roman Agora, and the first university of Greece.

Worth checking: Psirri – a vibrant, grungy district with lively bars, cafes, bakeries and restaurants. It’s great for a night out too with live Greek music, the aroma of a souvlaki and the dining scene.

  • Temple of Zeus

his temple is massive and took over 700 years to construct (dating back to the sixth century). There are a number of Corinthian columns still standing, though many have fallen. It’s quite an impressive sight. Admission is 2 EUR (it’s free if you already have admission to the Acropolis).

Everything else I did not have time to see, but it was on the bus tour stops such as:

  • National Library
  • Syntagma Square
  • Parliament & National Garden
  • City Hall
  • National Archaeological Museum

Otherwise and to be honest, all we did is walk, and walk into random shops and places for food shops and cafes..


TIP: Watch your belongings while walking in Athens – someone tried to pull my bag while it being on my back, and she starred to me in the eyes, and continued walking as if nothing happened. So just be careful 🙂

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